Zahrabel Dining Club

Zahrabel Dining Club

Zahrabel Dining Club (A++++ functional website!!!!)
25/F, 235-239 Hennessy Rd
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

+852 5503 9181

HKD450 (+10%) for the ‘Thamaniah Menu’ per person – 4 cold + 4 hot mezze plates.  Cocktails very reasonable at <HKD100.

The deal:
I floated the idea of trying Zahrabel with my solid nomming friend, Ms This is Bullshit, of 27 Kebab House fame about three months ago and she was all “Fuck yeahhhh” because she’d just tried substandard Lebanese in Sai Yin Pun AND they sold the fuck out of baklava.  What’s the fucking point of going out for Lebanese food if you’re not punishing your pancreas with a baklava at the end?  After three months of dicking around, we finally got our asses down to Zahrabel.  Zahrabel has this whole palava about being MEMBERS ONLY which means you have to register via their website before you can book  WHY, I’m not so sure – because you pretty much get accepted almost instantly.  I don’t even know but moving past that, because doesn’t matter – had mezze.

On Friday and Saturday nights, you have to order either the 8 course or 10 course menu.  We went for the 8 course which means you have to choose four cold + four hot mezze plates.  For the cold plates, it’s pretty much dips and shiz which could sound pretty boring except we then moved onto a huge ass basket of fluffy as fuck, warm pita bread which were mere vehicles to shove hummus, babaganouj, jos maurouse (spicy, nutty dip) and tabouleh into our heads.  Fuck yeahhhh, the dips here were fantastic as fuck.  I fucking love tabouleh so much – shame that buying parsley in HK at whatever rip off expat focussed supermarket is generally enough to induce disappointment and bankruptcy.  We then barrelled into the mezze courses with our choices being the fattayer (pastry puffs with spinach + pine nuts), the minty and lemony as fuck chicken, lamb trablous and the samke harra (Fish baked in tpicy tahini sauce with pine nuts).  All dem zesty, fresh as fuck Lebanese flavours gets a fuck yeah from me.  The pita bread keeps on coming and you can continue to use the dips from the cold course to spice up your life (every boy and every girl…spice up your life!).  Fucking love that they’re not stingy assholes with the bread either, even offering to refill our basket with fresh, warm pita without nary a requirement to pull hungry face at the waiters.

However this was all just a prelude to the highlight of the night that Ms This is Bullshit and I had been emailing each other about all week…MOTHER FUCKIN’ BAKLAVA.  Imma gonna level with you, I FUCKING LOVE BAKLAVA.  Back in my Oz days, I used to tumble down to Cabramatta (largest Viet population in NSW) to find authentic as fuck Vietnamese Pho (by eyeballing noodle shops to see who had the most Vietnamese people in there) and then going to some old Turkish man to buy MOTHER FUCKIN’ BAKLAVA.  I’d ask for four pieces and then he’d tell me that four pieces cost the same as half a kilo and before I could say anything, would be packing a box full of baklava, lady’s fingers and various other buttery, sugary, diabeetus inducing treats.  I haven’t had any decent baklava in Hong Kong and I refuse to try Souvla on the sole basis that they serve chocolate baklava.  W T F – who the fuck wants fucking bullshit chocolate baklava?  Anyway, Ms This is Bullshit and I ponied up to have a Lebanese coffee rolling the Welcome to Insomnia dice because if you’re going to eat baklava you need to pair that bad boy with a strong, black as fuck coffee which is so thick, you need to chew it down.  Fuck me, Zahrabel’s baklava was a serious FUCK YEAH.  I contemplated trying to scab another one, but seeing as I’d consumed so much fucking food beforehand, I didn’t try and push my luck.

I think one of the owners swung by at the end to ask if everything was ok and if the amount of food was enough, which I give a fuck yeah, nice personal service touch, Zahrabel.  I also have to note that Zahrabel only have one sitting a night which means that there’s no bullshit, pushing you out of the restaurant or only letting you book if you promise to be gone in 90 minutes.

Amongst the corpulent, pretentious as fuck HK food blogosphere there aren’t many reviews for Zahrabel online but FYN has to note that the Time Out one is total fucking bullshit (I swear to god there used to be a comment from someone (not me) about how their assessment of the babaghanouj dip for being too smoky was a fucking disgrace.  I tried to look for it tonight but I think they took the comments down).  Seriously Time Out, what the fuck is next, complaining that the hummus had too many chickpeas in it??

Fuck yeahhhhhhhhh, don’t buy into that bullshit Time Out review.  Y I NO HAVE BAKLAVA NOW?

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