Yung Kee

Yung Kee

Yung Kee
32 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2522 1624

Price range:
Got out of here HKD300 each, including drinks

The deal:
Yung Kee is one of those places that won a bunch of awards in the 1960s and is famous for its roast goose and makes its living trading on that.  As one of the people I was with pointed out, ‘Fuck, the Internet wasn’t even invented yet’.  Whenever you mention Yung Kee, someone goes ‘Ooohhhhh THE ROAST GOOSE’.  I’m learning Cantonese and there’s a key phrase called ‘mah mah dei’ which means something is just ok.  Except it’s not really just ok – to say it properly, you also have to pull a face like you’ve just smelled shit and then wiggle your hand in a dismissive fashion which suggests everything was quite far from ok.  That’s how you do the full ‘mah mah dei’ face.  I think this is the perfect explanation for Yung Kee – quick, do the I just smelled a turd face.  Tthe roast goose is good, the crispy chicken is good – but is it any better than other roast meat houses in HK?  The rest of the food is pretty average – salty, oily stir fried meat with capsicum/peppers in various reiterations.  Service was abysmal – despite numerous requests for tea / drinks, the waitstaff just couldn’t fucking get it together.  There’s nothing offensively bad about Yung Kee but I think when you’re in HK, you should be getting some of the best fucking Guangdong food in the world.  Gwai los and tourists will probably continue to enjoy it.  Pro tip – when you go with gwai los and eat roast goose, they will all want to nom down on the breast meat leaving the far more attractive and tastier legs / thighs / bits with bones for you.  Hey round eyes – keep your dry ass breast meat, I’m all aboard the flavour train to dark meat town and you’re not invited.  You know what I give being able to eat both leg pieces – fuck yeahhhhhh.

Fuck no.

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Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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