Xia Fei Society (Central)

Xia Fei Society (Central)

Xia Fei Society
4/F, Century Square
1 – 13 D’Aguilar Street

+852 2522 7611

Price range:
HKD200ish each.

The deal:
Shanghainese food is a top tier Chinese cuisine.  Which means it’s pretty fucking good because I think generally, Chinese food is some of the best food in the world.  Fuck yeah China, go you good thing.  Xia Fei Society hits a rare spot in good Chinese food – nice atmosphere, white tableclothes, not too expensive, service isn’t abysmal (and may even be friendly!) and all the dishes taste different.  Their siu long bao (soup dumplings) isn’t the best in HK, but it’s still pretty solid.  Diverse appetizer/cold dish section so you can get a taste of everything.  Make sure you get the pan fried beef soup dumpling too (Chinese name is the ‘au yuk beng’) – but don’t burn your tongue off when you bite through because those bad boys are hot as fuck.  The tofu / meat mince / preserved vegetable dish is fucking tasty too – I asked my friend to tell me the Chinese name, but apparently she hadn’t even heard of it, and said they would just call it ‘tofu’.  Not particularly helpful – thanks descriptive Chinese names which don’t really make a lot of sense.  I’m a big fan of ‘dan dan mien’ (Chilli noodle soup + peanuts + pork mince) but whenever I order it with friends, no one else seems to get that excited about it.  Two of us got out of here for lunch at HKD390 total (no lunch set because it didn’t really seem that good).  Probably better if you phone ahead and make a booking.

Fuck yeahhhhh.

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