Woolwich Pier Hotel

Woolwich Pier Hotel

Woolwich Pier Hotel
2 Gale Street
Woolwich NSW Australia

+612 9817 2204

AUD20ish for mains.  AUD14 for cocktails.

The deal:
I used to work with a guy who maintained that the nickname for Hunters Hill is ‘Sausage Hill’, because if you lived in Hunters Hill all you could afford to eat was sausage.  I guess he never bought sausage in HK because that shit is expensive.  It’s pretty apparent why the Woolwich Pier Hotel won Best Pub in NSW because aside from the banging hilltop Sydney city and water views, this pub is at peace with doing pub food and is busting out the good shit at higher than average pub food prices but actually matching the quality in a fair and mathematically sound equation.  Cocktails are reasonably priced and aren’t anaemic, watery, over sugared nightmares.  Menu was solid as a rock with a bag of rocks on it, rocking out with its cock out – fish and chips, burgers, lamb shoulder pot pie, crispy pork belly and duh, steak and chips.  I wanted to eat it all  but alas, I’m not a cow (literally, maybe metaphorically) so with my single, lonely stomach scenario I had the fish and chips with mushy peas.  Good news, they didn’t fuck it up.  Then to seal their verdict, they brought around tasting plates with free tastes for all.  Of course, that’s always my favourite price.

Advance Australia Fair motherfuckers, who said this country wasn’t fair anymore?

The verdict:
Fuck yeah!

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