Wing Kee Noodles (榮記粉麵)

Wing Kee Noodles (榮記粉麵)

Wing Kee Noodle (榮記粉麵)
27A Sugar St
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

+852 2808 2877 (definitely not a booking place, kinda like Yardbird)

HKD42 for the four option noodle bowl.  HKD7 for a can of drink.  Fuck yeah local prices!

The deal:
A local noms homie took me to have “Trolley/Cart Noodles” (車仔麵 – je tzai mien) which is one of those old as fuck HK dishes which dates back to when a street food vendor would push his noms trolley around and let people choose whatever the fuck they wanted in their noodles.  I don’t know why whenever I think of this image I get TI’s ‘Whatever You Like’ in my head and imagine Trolley Noodle Man singing at people ‘You can have whatever you like’ while gesturing towards a plate of pig’s intestine.  Apparently this was something that was big with the poorer HK peeps.  Now, if I was a hipster restauranteur, I would totally gank this idea and call my restaurant Mini Mien, get a big fuck off black, white and red graffiti piece on the wall with a group of Communist style commoners holding aloft their chopsticks and bowls instead of Mao’s Little Red Book, serve people a thimbleful of broth out of a tiny blue + white china teacup with three strands of noodles, add some foie gras as an option and charge HKD118 a bowl.  You heard it here first at FYN, Mini Mien coming to a tiny Sheung Wan / Sai Yin Pun joint replete with wooden crates, a tattooed United Colors of Bennetton cast and no service charge soon.

On the way over, my noms homie was starting to freak out that I was going to have a temper tantrum when I realised that we were going to a down and dirty local place.  I assured him that I am always down for local noms and I didn’t want to go to some sanitised restaurant in the World Trade Centre.  Crammed onto a tiny table with a random old lady, you then pick a) what goes in your noodles and b) what type of noodle you will have (ie. egg / rice vermicelli / instant noodles) .  Toppings include beef brisket, beef tendon, pork, wonton, pig skin, tofu, vegetables, stewed radish, balls balls balls (fish, squid, beef, etc.) and pretty much every part of a pig’s/cow’s digestive system (tripe, intestine) you could want.  I fucking showed my local noms homie when I proceeded to order all the weird shit for my noodles – beef brisket (ok, not weird yet), intestines, tripe + tendon.  I call it weird shit but we all know the cool people are calling it ‘snout-to-tail’ these days.  I think Trolley Noodles could be pretty fucking boring if it wasn’t for the tasty as fuck broth that Wing Kee were serving.  I’ll be real with you – I’m a little bit turgid thinking about dat broth.  You should then add some spicy as fuck chilli to make things hotter and then you just need to smash it into your head as quickly as possible.  No tissues provided (pay as you go) and if you linger, the waiter is going to throw a receipt at you and a look so dirty that you’ll need to shower and then he’ll pretty much push you out the door.  I caught a glimpse of the kitchen floor as we left and the hygiene levels definitely looked a bit fuck no but like a Kelly Clarkson single girl’s anthem ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you *dramatic pause* STRONGER’.  I averted my eyes because what you don’t see properly, can’t hurt you surely?

Fuck yeah local noms!  Fai dee (hurry) the fuck up though before they turn Wing Kee into a much needed TWELFTH Sasa in Causeway Bay (yes, I fucking counted on the Sasa website. WHY DO WE NEED ELEVEN SASAS IN CAUSEWAY BAY?!).

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