GF, 34 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2525-1439

HKD145 for a half-ribs.  Burgers range from HKD138-148.  Add 10% service charge.

The deal:
Wilbur’s is a new Castelo Concepts restaurant – I’ve already gone over how I think Castelo Concepts is generally HK’s basic bitch of the dining group scene. I think as their name suggests, the concepts are solid but then the food is priced at a primo point for basic, ok food.  Wilbur’s actually fills a good concept that was lacking in the area – casual dining with trendy decor, the sort of food you’d get before going to a show, movie or more drinks. It all sounds very nice, nice baby – and that’s precisely it, it’s really Just Nice, not really fucking nice, The Nice Shit or goddamn fucking balls to the wall nice.

Service was friendly and efficient – I probably should note the South African waiter homie who had some of our table giving him a fuck yeah for his good looks.  Not my thing, but if you’re into that rugby ra ra look then he’ll probably float your boat.

I ordered the pork half-ribs which were slathered in sweet BBQ sauce (too much, in my opinion – but you can always scrape it off to the side so no biggie) and it came with a serve of chips and a green salad and it delivered on what it promised.  The sauce was a bit too fucking sweet for my taste, but the meat fell off the bone as is required, the fries were crunchy (the fact I even have to mention this seems ridiculous, but so many restaurants still fuck up making their chips crunchy) and the salad was fine, Almost everyone else ordered the burgers which resulted in a chorus of “Why is the bun so dry??” and while people were asked how they wanted their burgers cooked, it appears most of them all came out as well done, regardless of the requests.  I had a bite of one of my homie’s burger and it was fairly mediocre but inoffensive, a fairly thin beef patty (with no sign of the requested medium rare pink) and there was just so much fucking dry bun.

So at Wilbur’s you’re going to get food that isn’t terrible and will get your stomach lined enough so you don’t end up being a DAB (drunk ass bitch) by 9pm, avoiding that moment when you’ve rolled straight from work into a bottle of wine and cocktails with only a handful of potato chips to take the force of the blow (uhhhhh, alcoholic blow not literally blow).  But Wilbur’s, you gotta do a better burger if you’re fucking charging HKD130+ and billing yourself as a goddamn burger place.

Fuck no.  But no doubt will probably end up back at Wilbur’s because it’s inoffensive enough that if someone suggests it and you need to be in the area, there isn’t really anywhere else to go to.

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