Tiệm Bánh Mi Phương

Tiệm Bánh Mi Phương

Tiệm Bánh Mi Phương
Hoang Dieu Street, Hoi An, Vietnam
(This site has a great map and pictures of the stall – may be difficult to locate otherwise)

Lolz – it’s a street stall, just go.

Even though they charge non-locals double…it’s still only USD1.25 a banh mi.

The deal:
Excessive sandwich rant coming up so TL:DR: BEST FUCKEN SANDWICH EVER. GET NOW.

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese grilled pork roll with a variety of things on a fresh French baguette style roll. Tiệm Bánh Mi Phương is a famous little street stall in Hoi An – Anthony Bourdain went once which has lifted its profile slightly. I can’t think about how many ‘self confessed foodies’ have stopped here and taken numerous photos of these things, letting their Banh Mi go cold in the sake of getting the shot (even worse, I saw a tourist stop, take a photo and not even buy a roll??!). Without doubt, this is the best sandwich / roll I’ve ever eaten in my life. My husband was snacking down on one, delirious and barely pausing for breath – before declaring it the best thing he’d ever eaten on bread ever and that it was the most viscerally satisfying sandwich of his life. We rarely take food photos and we even broke pace to take one (the resulting photo was blurry – husband’s hands shaking too much from the banh).

What can I say – it was fucking unbelievable. From the fresh warm crunchy roll, the yellow mustard sauce (we suspect a mix of butter + mustard), grilled pork, secret dressing (chilli, soy, garlic, sugar….I don’t know the rest of this magic), fresh Vietnamese mint/normal mint/mixed greens/coriander/chives, shredded carrots and radish, the liver pate, fresh chilli, chopped tomatoes and the addition of the deluxe fried egg this is one of those things that you will eat and forever remember. We talked about our Banh Mi for the rest of the night – hours after the main event. We talked about the banh mi this morning. In fact, we’re going back today for another one.

A stream of locals will also frequent this place and they see you sitting there, so they sidle up to the counter and try and hide the fact they are paying the local price (VND10k = USD50c). So, there’s one thing about Vietnam that gets a fuck no from me and that’s the dual pricing system they have for locals v tourists. Sure, it must be annoying as fuck to have these tourists everywhere, sullying your country, mocking your culture by wearing cheap pointy straw hats and throwing money at cocktails which is equivalent to your monthly wage – but the level of foxing in Vietnam is strong and they don’t even seem to care that you know. HOWEVER, the Banh Mi that is forever etched into my dreams and consciousness cost VND25k (cUSD1.25) so how fucking mad can you really get?



Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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