The Square

The Square

The Square
4/F, Exchange Square II,
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2525 1163

Price range:
HKD250 a head, including dessert.

The deal:
One Michelin starred Chinese restaurant in Exchange Square.  I am not sure how much weight I put on this Michelin star process as I sometimes get the feeling that HK hands out Michelin stars like candy though.  Not to say that The Square isn’t good, but is there really any sense in comparing the one Michelin starred Amber or the one Michelin starred Tim Ho Wan?  I sometimes feel that that Oprah Winfrey was working for the Michelin Guide and blew through HK – ‘YOU GET A MICHELIN STAR! AND YOU GET A MICHELIN STAR!!! AND YOUUUU GET A MICHELIN STAR!!!’.  Stopped in here for lunch for a mixture of dishes + dim sum and was expecting to be stripped of all my money.  Despite this fear, it was pretty good value.  A FWHKP (First World HK Problem) is getting dim sum fatigue, when you get burned out on dim sum because you’ve been to a few and they all almost taste the same and are of similar quality.  However, The Square’s dim sum was above normal HK standard so it was pretty fucking great.  A+ would buy from again.

Fuck yeah.

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    […] deal: I’ve ranted about this before that it seems pretty arbitrary and easy to get a Michelin Star in HK. I really fucking wonder […]

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