The Salted Pig (The Return)

The Salted Pig (The Return)

The Salted Pig (Just checked it again – as said before, HK websites, YU even exist??)
2/F, The L Place, 139 Queen’s Road Central

+852 2870 2323

The deal:
So, I’ve already been to The Salted Pig and gave it FYN’s first ‘Jury’s out’ rating.  My friend emailed me asking me if it was any good and I replied with the link and qualified that perhaps it wasn’t fair to judge without the lack of crackling and suggested they try the pork knuckle.  My friend reported back that it was ‘so disappointing’ and the pork knuckle was COLD.  Credit where credit is due, she also noted that the Bloody Mary cocktail was ‘sensational (came with bacon)’ and the entree of scallops wrapped in bacon was good (but a bit ‘food for ants’/small).  But in the killer blow, ‘pork knuckle was shit and the ribs were shit.  FUCK NO’ is what her email declared to me the next day.  Yes, I’m already outsourcing my reviews to other people – but this friend of mine is a solid nommer who recognises mediocrity in HK.  So, I’ll keep my HKD500 for another place and finalise the verdict as below.

The verdict:

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