The Helenia Home Bistro

The Helenia Home Bistro

The Helenia Home Bistro
G/F, 25 School Street
Tai Hang, Hong Kong

+852 2972 2993

The deal:
HKD750 each (food + corkage, so add your wine costs on top of this).  The premise of this place is that they ‘sous vide’ their food here – which is essentially rest meat in warm water for 1 – 2 days and let it cook at a slow temperature.  This review was one I thought about because the food was good enough and I enjoyed it on the night.  It was interesting to see how they cooked the lamb sous vide style. But when you consider the price point and the actual end result, the verdict is based on – would you come back, fuck yeah or fuck no?  So – my main was good, enjoyable at the time.  The salad was nice as far as salads go.  Was it worth the price?  Am I driven by a strong desire to eat sous vide meat all the time?  Am I dreaming about a return to The Helenia?  That’s a lot rhetorical questions – but I’m going to give this one a pass for net time.

Fuck no.  Note that I used lower caps.

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Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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