The Bellbrook (Lunch set)

The Bellbrook (Lunch set)

The Bellbrook – bistro oz by Laris
2/F, 77 Wyndham St.
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2530 1600

HKD138 for starter + main.  HKD20 extra for dessert.  HKD20 for tea or coffee.  Add 10% service charge.

The deal:
David Laris is an Australian chef who has retooled his Laris more fine dining restaurant (which I’ve been to – the food was pretty fucking good there actually but the service was bad) into a more casual bistro.  It’s cute but the lunch set at The Bellbrook was just so pedestrian it’s hard to even find the energy to write about it.  A good start when the bread came with a flower pot full of ‘edible soil’ and butter – I wanted to hate something so fucking kitschy but the little fucker was delicious.  Then I had a zucchini carpaccio starter (read:  slices of raw zucchini) which wasn’t dressed enough or cut thinly enough (hey Chef Laris, dial yo mandolin settings down).  Adding a few lonely pomegranate seeds and a few flecks of goats cheese doesn’t really turn this into an entree.  My main was the roast chicken and as my husband has pointed out, I’m the Angel of Death when it comes to chicken because I fucking love chicken.  A lump of roasted dried out, mostly chicken breast landed in front of me on a beat up tin plate and I gotta level with you guys, my views on how exciting chicken breast can be is summed up from this quote from a review of Top Chef I read last night:

[It’s] about as exciting as your friend from high school posting that she’s pregnant with her third kid on Facebook.

I also couldn’t get over the fact they served both my dishes on metal tin plates which made me feel like I was in prison.  Maybe it was some clever allusion to the Australian convict past but it just felt cheap and like The Bellbrook were just trying way too fucking hard.  So TL:DR, I had some raw zucchini and a dried out roast chicken breast on a beat up metal tin plate but the bread/butter was good.  Service was average.  I don’t think any of that that suggests you should be making a lunch booking here any time soon.

Fuck no for lunch – but I’d potentially still try it for dinner.  Maybe.

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