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Peking Garden – Pacific Place, Admiralty (but don’t believe their website, lunch was HKD400+)
Shop 005, LG, Pacific Place
88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong

Phone number:
+852 2845 8452

The deal:
So, whenever I go to a restaurant and they give me tiny pieces of food, I do this thing, when I suck in a short breath of air, turn outraged to my husband and exclaim “Is this food…for ants??”.  And this is what the lunch set for Peking Garden (Admiralty branch) felt like.  I’m a massive fan of the Peking Garden in Central – the duck and the golden prawns (battered in salty egg) being the star of the masterpiece.  Due to our host booking the wrong Peking Garden, we ended up at the Admiralty branch today.  Nice plastic lavender hedge outside – wow, is this France or Ancient China? Le Duck Petit?  Well, they definitely got the petit part right.  More expensive, less quality and less quantity – that’s pretty much a fail trifecta.  Maybe I’m a greedy devil (one of our guests declared she was full – my lunch barely touched my sides) but I spent the rest of my afternoon feeling poor, disappointed and empty.  HKD400+ per person, endless bitching with my equally judgmental friend in the afternoon (he  has implored me to make sure to mention the bony anorexic steamed fish with its bulgy eyes) and my end conclusion was that I’d rather have been at the gym.  Usually you only get such basic, average fare in Soho Italian restaurants – but Peking Garden can replicate that mid-levels feeling for you in shiny Pacific Place for another HKD100+.  You don’t need to be psychic to figure out what the verdict is going to be.

The verdict:

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