Sushi To by Harlan Goldstein (Lunch Set)

Sushi To by Harlan Goldstein (Lunch Set)

Sushi To (I fucking HATE how the Goldstein restaurants have this spinny 360 view for their websites.  What’s wrong with a normal website??)
29/F, Soundwill Plaza II
Midtown, 1-29 Tang Lung Street

登龍街1-29號金朝陽中心二期 Midtown 29樓

FYN hot tip:  Don’t try and get a taxi to Tang Lung Street.  Go to Times Square and walk the rest of the way there.

+852 2970 3218

HKD428 (excl 10% service charge) for the sashimi lunch set (7 types of sashimi).  Other lunch sets were around HKD250+.

The deal:
I have to confess, I was a bit fucking sceptical before showing up to Sushi To which is part of the Harlan Goldstein empire, because fuck, Harlan Goldstein doesn’t sound like a very Japanese name to me.  However, Harlan has set the menu with the far more Japanese sounding, executive chef, Maeda Norihisa and the menu is pretty large and in charge – going from the traditional sushi / sashimi through to teppanyaki, sukiyaki, tempura and then the omakase tasting menus.  I took particular offence to the sections labelled “Harlan.G’s Funky Maki Rolls” (I don’t want my maki rolls to be zany, trendy or funky) and “Let’s Get Party Started” for starters – I mean, WTF is wrong with just calling it the simple though accurate “Starters” and if you really must, why isn’t it The Party??

The interior is pretty over the top and as it’s on the 29th floor of the new Midtown Soundwill Plaza II, you’ve got some pretty kick ass views across Causeway Bay and the harbour.  The interior style is that “Check my modern, opulent luxury shiz out” vibe that Harlan likes to have and it’s not really my jam.  Gold cranes, pale wood, glass, grey tiles and heaven forbid, one side of the restaurant even had some plush as fuck carpet.  Thank fuck, a restaurant which finally has something soft in there so you’re not just eating amongst an over the top cacophonous din which means you can’t hear jackshit.

However, despite my apprehension, the Sushi To lunch set is a pretty fucking good deal – while the sashimi set isn’t bargain basement (but TBH, I’m always wary of bargain basement sashimi) I think the price point checks out.  Fucking solid lunch set consists of appetizers at the buffet, main meal, selection of ice-cream for dessert and a coffee.

Sometimes Japanese appetizer buffets can be really fucking bullshit, involving iceberg lettuce, corn and thousand island dressing but the Sushi To one was legit. salads of different varieties, some sushi, grilled fish, pickles and I didn’t even eat everything I wanted to. The gyoza were good but their shape was definitely the victim of an “appetizer buffet”, given they were rectangles pressed together cause crimping that shit and making them dumpling shaped was obviously not worth the economic pay off.

The sashimi set wasn’t anemic and busted out seven different types of pretty fucking fresh seafood (yellow fin, a very decent sized prawn, fatty tuna, scallop, uni, ark shell and red snapper) and kept things authentic by not copping out and using that common favourite, salmon.  I know everyone likes salmon sashimi, but that shit is the poor sister of sashimi in Japan. There were some nice fucking touches too which showed some thought such as fresh baby shiso leaves (mejiso times yo), which doesn’t normally get a run at most Japanese restaurants in the Kong.

I’ve noticed a lot of Japanese lunch sets are starting to scrimp on the extras (hey Sushi Kuu, imma lookin’ at you with your no dessert or tea/coffee included in your lunch set), but Sushi To still included dessert (choice of matcha / tofu / vanilla ice-cream) AND coffee/tea as well. Plus HKD18 if you wanna fancy that shiz up to a cappuccino, latte etc.

So, shit was solid at Sushi To and I’d even consider trying them out for dinner (even if the Sashimi Set at dinner price becomes very large at HKD780 with only the addition of one more type of sashimi and none of the lunch extras – buffet / dessert/coffee). Service was functional, shit was fresh and lunch was priced correctly.  I know, my shit is so much more fun to read when things go wrong.

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