Sushi Masa

Sushi Masa

Sushi Masa
G/F., 142 Aberdeen Main Road
Aberdeen, Hong Kong


+852 2501 0618

About HKD200ish per person for a shit tonne of sashimi/sushi.  0.5L bottle of sake for HKD330.  We got out at HKD300ish a person.

The deal:
Mr and Mrs Ain’t No Mountain High Enough made a healthful proposal that we smash up a yoga class, hike up to the Peak and down to Aberdeen and then proceed to eat our body weight in aqueous creatures before completing the circle of life and going to the beach.  It was proposed that we check out Sushi Masa because they had been told by a Japanese homie-san that this was their favourite sushi/sashimi place in Hong Kong.  I mean, hello race card, that’s a big fucking call desu.


However, similar to our last plans to climb a mountain which resulted in us ordering a metric fuck tonne of mojitos at the Mandarin Oriental Guangzhou, we saw some bad ass black clouds rolling the fuck in over the harbour and The Peak, so we fucked that hiking activity right off and quickly found solace in prosecco while listening to a rain themed playlist that had its birth when the sun did a fucking runner and the rain beat relentlessly down on HK for about three fucking months, earlier this year.

So you can blame it on the rain (cos the rain don’t mind), but with the Japanese homie-san recommendation ringing in our ears, we poured our lazy hikeless asses into a cab and down to Aberdeen.  Holy shit, check us fucking shit up and getting totally off the beaten path in HK.  Someone call Lonely Planet, I’m a goddamn pioneer.  Aberdeen is becoming the new trendy as fuck area in HK, so we were already pretty fucking excited about potentially being rack up foodie hipster wank points by being able to tell people that we totally fucking know a sushi/sashimi place in ABERDEEN, so suck on that you Sheung Wan, Sai Yin Pun hipsters.

We ordered the chirashi (diced sashimi over vinegared sushi rice) lunch set, the sashimi platter and a sushi platter.  The chirashi set claimed it was for two people and Sushi Masa went above and beyond, because it was fucking huge even by my greedy ass standards.  The chirashi came out in a large wooden plate, reminiscent of a paella in its presentation, flanked by two bowls of udon and two bowls of chawanmushi (egg custard).  Fuck yeah value at HKD198.  The sushi and sashimi platters were solid performers – fresh and generous in portion.  So despite a bottle of cold sake and some decent sashimi, how come I’m not having a “Suck my dick Sheung Wan Sai Yin Pun hipsters, yeah I fucking know a place and it’s authentic as fuck” moment.  Maybe it was the fact that the recommendation that had come from the Japanese homie-san was so fucking big (you can’t throw around words like favourite unless you really fucking mean it) that Sushi Masa was never going to be able to satisfy. Ultimately, shit was good but not exceptional and I wouldn’t make the trip out to Aberdeen just for this.  My hunt continues for some obscure foodie wank trump card and then, oh yes, I will unseat all the hipsters from their wooden crates and their slow drip coffee.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep you all in the goddamn loop, so we can all be fucking insufferable together.

Fuck no – not worth the trip to Aberdeen.  But fuck yeah if you live in Aberdeen and want some cheap Japanese noms.

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