Stone Nullah Tavern

Stone Nullah Tavern

G/F, 69 Stone Nullah Ln
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

+852 3182 0128

HKD1200 for two people including a 10% tip, included 2 cocktails + 2 beers.  Hipster joint, so no service charge but tip expected.

The deal:
Stone Nullah Tavern definitely ticks some of the hipster checklist – no service charge, nose-to-tail eating, modern take on American comfort food, interesting cocktails which riff on the classics, pickles and waiters with the hair, glasses and tatts to match.  But it also didn’t tick the other points that hipster joints normally do which fuck me off – you can make bookings, I wasn’t totally bankrupt after eating here, waitstaff were friendly but not trying to be my BFF and the food was fucking great.  One of our waiters on the night looked just like Zayn Malik from One Direction, replete with blonde fringe which resulted in us singing “Oooh ooh oooh – THIS IS WHY YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL” every time he finished attentively serving us.

You’re definitely not at Stone Nullah Tavern for a healthy, light feed.  Fried buffalo wings.  Fried arancini balls.  A breaded chicken tenderloin with sausage gravy.  Beef short ribs served on bread with gruyere.  This was after we censored ourselves in a rare show of restraint and we didn’t order the tater tots.  Calling defeat, we didn’t look at the dessert menu (I know, I know – meant to harden up and power through pud pud) and decided to tumble home as all the fry oil hardened my arteries with a vice grip.  No service charge which they didn’t even ram down our throat, but I was more than happy to leave a 10% tip (vs. when the waiter bails you up and pointedly makes a point that there’s NO SERVICE CHARGE and you should TIP, hey Little Bao, imma looking at you).  Which says a lot, because I’m not exactly known as Little Miss Sunshine.

Addendum:  Went back to Stone Nullah Tavern and put our hard cunt pants on and motored through dessert.  Snickers chocolate sundae with pretzels and fudge was a mere fuck yeah but the fig cake + cheesecake ice-cream was a massive fuck yeahhhhhhhh.  So order one less share plate and leave room for pud pud.

Fuck yeah!


Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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