1F/63 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2536 0183

HKD3500 for 4 people (that includes 2 bottles of wine for HKD1500 and a HKD200 tip).  Dining would be cheaper if I wasn’t such a lush.

The deal:
I had feared that Restoration might be one of those hipster restaurants which were all form and no substance but we were surprised on the upside.  My friend and I had purposefully neglected to get entrees because we wanted to leave room for dessert.  Do not go here with shy friends or tight pants – example of what we ordered:  16oz double cut pork chop cooked in duck fat, blackened catfish stuffed with jumbo lump crab, Andouillie crusted fish and the BBQ duck and a side of jamabalaya.  Even my carnivorous husband agreed that he would have happily ordered the fish.  Given it was fried in a lot of butter, we can’t be surprised at his verdict (true fact – we have an acronym we use in emails/text messages, MFCAH – Massive Fat Cunt At Heart). Takes one to know one because I’m also a MFCAH and I pretty much sabotaged this ‘leave room for dessert’ theory by ordering a main serving of fried chicken to share.  Here’s a tip – it’s pretty much a massive chicken half.  It was fucking delicious though, not going to lie – my friend declaring “I imagine this is what KFC used to taste like in the 80s’ vs the greasy pieces of shame and regret it is now. All of our mains were sensational and we sat there, stuffed and happy.  I would have been quite happy to not have dessert but I was fixated on the pecan pie which is one of my absolute favourite sweets (yet to have a good one in HK).  My friend ordered ‘The Ridiculousness’ (cookie sandwich with ice-cream) without trying to use the horrendously stupid name.  ‘I’ll have the cookie ice-cream sandwich’ she said, the waiter proudly announced ‘Oh, you mean THE RIDICULOUSNESS’.  Here’s the rub – The Ridiculousness was Ridiculousness Not Ridiculous but Ridiculousness Average.  If you give such a crazy name to your dish, it’s really got to be ridiculous – like chocolate chip cookies stuffed with so many fucking choc chips that the thing is barely bound together by dough, topped with a shit tonne of Chocolate ice-magic and ice-cream full of bourbon, cookie dough and real vanilla beans  (vs 2 cookies and some average ice-cream which it was in real life).  The pecan pie was also disappointing.  Dessert at Restoration was like when you’re having a great night out in HK and then you decide you want to kick on and before you know it, you’re in LKF staring up at the Stormy’s sign, sucking down jelly syringes at 4am on a Tuesday night as Living on a Prayer blares in the background and The Good Thing becomes The Bad Thing.  If I went to Restoration again, I would get in a cab before my friends declared we should kick on to dessert and wake up refreshed and without regret.  Restoration isn’t cheap however, mains are around HKD250 and we walked out with a bill of HKD3500 for 4 people (that includes 2 bottles of wine for HKD1500 and a HKD200 tip).

The verdict:
Dinner = Fuck yeahhhhhhh
Dessert = Fuck no!

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