Praise House

Praise House

Praise House
Shop 705, 7/F, iSquare
63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

2368 2202

HKD240 for 2 people – 2 bowls of congee, a plate of roast pork/char siu and some veggies.

The deal:
I fucking love preserved egg + pork congee.  People will say to try the chicken, maybe sampan/boat (it’s a mix of seafood and intestines, keep trucking on Asia!) or the pork/liver congee.  But in the similar way that you go to a Thai restaurant and decide that you always get the pad thai and you should get the red crying tiger shebangabang, only to receive it and look wistfully at it and you think ‘Oh, should have had the pad thai’, you know that when you get the congee, you have to go the preserved egg + pork congee.  There’s a reason why my tones are perfect when I say pei dan sai yuk juk, because it’s the shizz.

So Ms Two Serves and I hit up Praise House and their pei dan sai yuk juk is nom approved.  Very decent chunks of preserved egg, tasty as fuck pork which wasn’t salted too much and the congee itself was very ‘wan‘ (smooth).  We had some roast pork / char siu, because what’s the point of morning yoga if you don’t follow it with a roast meat chaser?  A+++ will be back, in fact we were already talking about going back after yoga tonight.  Om before nom motherfuckers.

Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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