Posto Pubblico

Posto Pubblico

Posto Pubblico (yo IHM homies, I give you guys shit all the time about your shitty websites but your PP website is actually fucking decent.  PRAISE BE A MENU WITH PRICES)
G/F, 28 Elgin Street
Soho/Central, Hong Kong

+852 2577 7160

Appetisers are around HKD100. Pastas are around HKD160-180. Veal on the bone is HKD445.  Service charge is not included – tip what you want homies.  We got out at HKD300+ a person.  Granted, we ordered the most expensive dish between two people which probably could have been shared between four people.

The deal:
I’ve realised that recently I’m increasingly only writing about new restaurants in the Kong because I’ll fucking admit it, you guys fucking love that shit.  No don’t spit your cold pressed slow pour coffee all over the place and fucking deny it, the stats don’t lie.  It’s emblematic of Hong Kong that we are total sluts for the newest (though not necessarily the greatest) restaurants and then it’s onto the next hottest thing that hit town.  Restaurants here open and close in the blink of a fucking eye as a fickle public churn through restaurants only interested in the new names, just so they can fucking name drop before everyone else.  I’m fucking guilty of this bullshit too.  The restaurant homies aren’t coming to this game with clean hands either – taking a fuck no business model of punching out mediocre, overpriced shit based around transient dining trends.  For example – how many more burger joints does HK really fucking need??  I ESTIMATE AT LEAST TWO MORE IN LKF – godspeed Burger Circus and Double D Burgers, may your tacky ads relying on DOUBLE D boobs (geddit??) bring you financial viability and great happiness.

But fuck that shit, this is Fuck Yeah Noms not Fuck Yeah Dining trends (the domain’s still available if one of you assholes wants it) and when Ms Two Serves and I needed to go out for dinner last week, we were trying to figure out if we should try somewhere new.  In the end though, we decided we didn’t want to try somewhere new and be out of pocket HKD600 for shitty service and a ramen taco clusterfuck, and Ms Two Serves wanted meatballs, so we decided on a return to Posto Pubblico.

Posto’s been around for fucking ages, since 2009, which is approximately 30 years in HK restaurant years.  It’s also been fucking ages since I’ve been cause I got sucked into that new restaurant shit vortex.  I’ve always loved Posto but we all know what it’s like to go back to an old favourite and shit fucking sucks as standards be slipping.  But it’s comforting times that when I get there, it’s still the same fuck yeah dark, intimate space with the kitchen right in the middle so you can see shit coming off the pass.  The hip hop track still blares in the background. The waiters are on their game, friendly, attentive and shit’s happening just right.

Ms Two Serves and I snack down on the complimentary antipasto platter of cheese, parma ham and halved sweet cherry tomatoes which have been liberally covered with fuck yeah high quality olive oil. We dunk house-made crusty bread in the left over oil and watch a massive Veal Milanese sail out of the kitchen for someone else.  With dat bone-in beauty burned into our greedy eyes, Ms Two Serves and I decided instantly that we need that glorious milk fed bastard in our life and we abandon our initial plans for meatballs.

Between only two of us, we settle on the Veal Milanese (HKD445) and a serve of the Bucatini al’Amatriciana (HKD160).  The waiter does pause for a second to suggest that we’ve potentially ordered too much because there’s only two of us as we both assure him that we’re good eaters.  Posto’s pasta is always on point and this rich tomato and bacon sauced pasta dish was no fucking exception.  I fucking love bucatini, I am super down with how its hollow tube shape allows it to grab hold of more sauce than normal spaghetti.  But this is all warm up for the massive fuck yeah of epic proportions which is to come – the Veal Milanese.  This veal fillet with its bone-in is pounded thin, breaded and fried.  The Posto homies then pile it high with home made burrata, cherry tomatoes, basil and toss that shit lightly with some olive oil.  Before you eat it, you squeeze fresh lemon juice all over it.  Posto’s one is just so fucking good – the veal’s breaded properly and with the cheese, tomato and basil on top of it, shit’s so good that I was almost adding my salty ecstatic tears to the acidic lemon which cuts through the deep fried breading and the elastic, creamy curds of the burrata.  Such perfection is not fucking cheap at HKD445 but this glorious veal bastard is fucking huge and could easily feed four people or more.  In a revelatory indication of its grandeur, it’s probably the first time in years of dining with Ms Two Serves we’ve had to ask anyone to box leftovers for us.

I always know the mark of a stand out fuck yeah dish when I’m fucking dreaming about that shit days later.  That’s when I realised that I should stop being such a fucking slacker and write this shit up even if it’s not a new opening because it’s too fucking sad if people aren’t aware of the glory of Posto’s Veal Milanese because there’s too many fucking restaurants in HK and everyone is too busy writing about the newest Jamaican x Korean inspired fried chicken slider place that’s just opened on On Lan Street.  So while it’s the start of a new year and I’m slogging my way through good intentions to be less of a fat fuck, the heart always knows what the heart truly wants.  I may be chewing grudgingly on lean proteins and barely dressed salads but fuck, that healthy boring ass malarky to make me into a better version of myself for 2015 just can’t compare to that boss bitch Veal Milanese. So here’s to new year’s resolutions where we don’t always fixate on the new and remember the old as well.

You tell ’em Janet:

poeticjustice01 poeticjustice02


Fuck yeah – old shit can still be good shit.  DAT MILANESE, ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

FYN Public Service Announcement (26 June 2015):
It has come to my attention that some FYN homies have gone on down to Posto for some intense veal chop loving only to be told that the veal is sold the fuck out.  FUCK NO!  So the FYN hot tip is when you book your table, make sure you ask them to save you one.  Life’s too sad to suffer through veal related disappointment.


Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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