Peking Garden – Alexandria House, Central

Peking Garden – Alexandria House, Central

Peking Garden – Alexandria House, Central
Shop B1, Basement 1, Alexandra House

Central, Hong Kong

Phone number:
+852 2526 6456 (VERY IMPORTANT – Do not dial the Admiralty one by accident)

The deal:
So, we all saw the epic disaster of when my friend accidentally booked the wrong Peking Garden (refer here).  This is one of the places that I like to take non-HK visitors to and I was all nervous, following the Admiralty branch incident.  However, things were all back to normal when we went to Alexandria House branch.  HKD460 each for dinner (including wine) and all the stars were back on show today.  Golden prawns (salted egg batter fried prawns), scrambled egg whites + scallop…there were some other things tot but what we all really want to know about is the Peking duck.  It was back on form and unlike the Admiralty branch incident, I didn’t end up having to wash away the memory with having to buy roast duck from a local BBQ shop later. Just go.  Order golden prawns + the Peking duck.  Be fat and happy.

The verdict:

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