Old Town

Old Town

Old Town
11/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2522 2009

HKD1710 for 6 people (HKD285 per person) including beers and two bottles of wine.

The deal:
Almost had a dinner disaster the other night when we were planning a Sabah nom, when we discovered it was closed for renovations.  A number of Singaporean and Malaysian friends had recommended Old Town (a good sign, because I think Singaporeans and Malaysians are some of the hardest nomming people in The World) and I’d been before for lunch, so we substituted our desire for SE Asian noms here.  Word of warning – if you are coming to Old Town for lunch you need to be at The Loop bang on 12pm otherwise you a) won’t get in the building and b) you definitely won’t get a table.  I fucking love Malaysian food and Old Town were punching it out on all levels.  Quick service and mere minutes from order before the noms were before us.  I ordered all the Malaysian/Singaporean superstars – laksa (only Asians will be excited by this – there were COCKLES in there), char kueh teow (fried noodles), beef rendang, fried kang kong (yeah go on, titter – they always write it as Morning Glory on the menu), satay, nasi goreng and Hainanese chicken rice.  They were all fuck yeahhhhhhhhs, with only the Emperor Nasi Goreng being the weakest link.  The biggest star of the masterpiece was the beef rendang with our table doubling down and ordering a second serve.  Fair warning – it’s fucking delicious but there’s only about 4-5 pieces of beef per serve.  Life lessons, the best friends are the ones who aren’t afraid to seize nom opportunities fully by the horns and don’t back away from ordering more.

The verdict:
Fuck yeah!

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