Mrs Pound


Mrs Pound

Mrs Pound (fuck no fail website though, it just links to their FB page)
6 Pound Lane
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

+852 3426 3949 (no reservations – apparently they were taking reservations but too many people in HK were flakey fuckers so they’ve moved to ‘first come, first served’.  FLIGHTY HK DOUCHEFUCKS, THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS)

HKD600+ for two people.  No booze.

The deal:
Mrs Pound is painfully fucking hip in a way that Cool HK is gonna be eating up that shizz whole heartedly in a month or so.  I can already see the breathless Foodie Magazine and Sassy reviews now about this hidden hip Sheung Wan secret! To die for fusion menu! Sheung Wan speakeasy with burlesque overtones! Modern twist on Asian classics!  Fucking exclamation marks aside, key leading indicators that the dark and neon back-lit Mrs Pound is smashing it out of the Hip as Fuck park:

  • POP UP POINTS:  Started at the PMQ markets as a pop up, before graduating into a fully fledged restaurant.  Fuck me, all it needed was to have started at Clockenflap to score more points in this fucking category.
  • HIDDEN, SECRET COOL HK POINTS:  Store frontage is a vintage stamp shop with no obvious way to get in – which means you have to ‘crack the code’ on how to fucking get in.  We got off easy because my homie was able to simply pull open the door (suspect that someone before us didn’t close it properly). This shit actually works in piquing punters’ curiosity as evidenced by the fact we actually got ambushed by a girl when we were leaving who asked us ‘What is going on in there??  I CAN HEAR MUSIC.  IS IT COOL IN THERE??’.
  • REFERENCES TO THE PAST POINTS:  Aside from the vintage stamp store front, the waiters wear vintage Topshop floral tee shirts. OLD SHIT, YO.
  • ASIAN MATRIARCH PEERING OVER RESTAURANT WITH BACK STORY POINTS:  Mrs Pound allegedly “prepares her own style of Asian street food.  Marrying classic flavours with contemporary flair”. Restaurant comes complete with a twee as fuck diorama containing photos of some retro Asian lady with a bouffant and cat eye makeup, actual feathers and a tassel in the scene.  See also:  Missy Ho’s, Mama san.
  • FUSION STREET FOOD POINTS:  The menu is a mash of Asian fusion dishes which have the potential to be a mega-fuck yeah or a fuck no fusion fail of epic proportions (example:  beef rendang poutine, laksa bibimbap).
  • IZAKAYA POINTS:  It’s the normal new style restaurant deal, food on sticks = more expensive and more exciting than food not on sticks.  Add shiso and we’ve got ourselves a bonafide hipster party.

Mrs Pound is as fresh as a pair of boxed Nikes, so it’s still in soft open.  Which is really code for “Please cut us some goddamn slack when we fuck up”. I really fucking wish I could go through my life throwing a ‘soft opening’ card at all of my shortcomings as well.  Oh hey work, sorry I missed that deadline – you know, soft opening.  Oh hey relationships, sorry I was a massive ballbaggin’ fuckhead at dinner because I spent the entire time texting other people and making boring as fuck conversation – but you knowwwww, soft opening.  Oh heyyyyyy attempts to be healthy, sorry I fell face first into half a bottle of red wine, six mojitos, numerous bowls of peanuts and McDonald’s on the way home instead of going to the gym, but you know – SOFT OPENING, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Despite the ‘soft open’ warning, Mrs Pound’s waiter homies were fucking on their shit – speedy, friendly and enthusiastic as fuck about the menu and the concept.  However, Mrs Pound’s soft opening moments meant that they don’t have a alcohol licence yet (fuck yeah though, cause it’s BYO time my frugal bitchezzz) and half of their menu was not available.  No rendang poutine, rendang bao or non-cake desserts.  I had so much deep want for the two rendang items but that soft opening ‘sorry sold out’ card was quickly thrown down.  We ordered some skewers, the bulgogi pork belly with fresh chopped shiso (HKD38 each) and the restive Xinjiang spiced lamb (HKD40 each).  The skewers were a fuck yeah, even if bordering on an exxy price point.  But fuck yeahhhh, I can get behind dat cumin spiced lamb shoulder skewer with its FUCK YEAH, garlic chive pesto sauce.  I wanted to spoon that green, chivey sauce onto EVERYTHING.  The waiter had recommended the Sriracha street corn (HKD58) which had the potential to be ‘just corn’ but it was also a buttery tasty fuck yeahhhh – grilled corn slathered with Sriracha kewpie mayo, lime zest, ginger, garlic and pecorino cheese that was getting its melt on.

The razor clam mirepoix consisted of razor clams steamed with chinese sausage/lap cheong, butter and a mirepoix (finely diced carrots, celery and onion) and was definitely a fuck yeah but at HKD168 for only two razor clams, it felt a bit like food for ants. Even if it was delicious as fuck, expensive food for ants.

However, the fuck yeah highlight of the night for me was the laksa bibimbap (HKD168) which was a bang on mash up of Korean vs Singapore with the bibimbap stone bowl style rice with the laksa flavours of SE Asia.  The hot as fuck stone bowl comes out with the laksa flavoured rice, cucumber, carrots, chicken and raw egg which is stirred through.  Shit only gets better when the rice sits in there and gets its crispy onnn.  FUCK YEAH, LAKSA BIBIMBAP.  FYN homies, you need this shit in your life ASAP.

Sadness though around the ‘ma la’ Sichuan chicken wings which were the most disappointing thing I ate at Mrs Pound.  At HKD75 and the promise of Sichuan pepper, chilli and garlic chicken wings I was so fucking excited but the batter was a bit thick for me.  Sorry 2 say Mrs Pound, your shit wasn’t better than my one true chicken wing love, MCWINGS at McDonald’s.  But that’s a lot of love to conquer.

We finished the night off with a slice of coconut cake given that there were no other more exciting desserts (no potential for HK egg waffle, peanut butter, condensed milk ice-cream sandwiches cause you know, soft opening). It was tasty enough but it’s not a dessert that’s been haunting my well fed fuck yeah dreams.

So I had a pretty fucking rad time at Mrs Pound and despite my natural inclination to be a real cynical fucker about these hip as fuck restaurants and the heartbreak that I didn’t get rendang poutine, shit was fucking fun.  It’s gonna totally be the hot new kid on the block, so round your hip homies up, pull on some stone stamp levers to get in and get dat grilled corn, restive Xinjiang lamb and laksa bibimbap in your life.

Fuck yeah on pay day cause shit’s almost verging on food for ants territory for the price point – best game day strategy is to not go starving.  For the FYN dames out there, time to convince someone to take you on a date there and half-heartedly reach for your wallet when the bill arrives. OH REALLY, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE.

Unfortunately, sadder times for my penis possessing FYN homies, you cock rockin’ folk are fresh out of luck but on the plus side, Mrs Pound would be a fuck yeahhhh date location.  Godspeed to all of you just looking for a goddamn love connection with a side of contemporary Asian fusion food.

  • Brooklyn bad boy
    Posted at 01:03h, 11 November Reply

    i dare you to comment on my Michelin facebook post yesterday bet you have no fucken balls

    • Sgt Noms
      Posted at 07:24h, 11 November Reply

      I don’t think it takes balls to say that Michelin in HK is BULLSHIT. Ciak in the Kitchen’s pizza is totally worth a fucking star. Duddell’s deserves two stars because they use bird’s nest, truffles and have an outdoor terrace. Bo Innovation is absolutely comparable to other three star restaurants because they are doing molecular shit and reference HK in their food.

  • waterfallsandcaribous
    Posted at 11:42h, 11 November Reply

    I vote fuck yeah on soft openings for life’s fuck-ups. Why aren’t you President of the World already?!

  • s
    Posted at 20:58h, 12 November Reply

    your writing style is insufferable.

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