Mr Korea Chicken

Mr Korea Chicken

Mr Korea Chicken
21F Circle Tower
28 Tang Lung Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

+852 2849 5688

HKD120 each (Mr Korea Chicken was giving 20% off at lunch as they don’t have a lunch set).  A serve of fried chicken ranges from HKD158 – HKD178 (+10% service charge).

The deal:
Korean fried chicken has been storming Hong Kong for the last year or so.  While the epicentre of Korean Fried Chicken has been over in TST, a number of places have been opening island side.  Thank fuck, because going to TST is really fucking scary and so far away (lolz j/k).  I think Mr Korea Chicken (offshoot of Mr Korea BBQ in Austin) is only a few months old and after stalking attractive pictures of fried chicken on Openrice, I went to check it out with Mr Judgmental.  I believe he’s qualified as fuck to judge this as I’ve seen this asbestos mouthed judgmental asshole slam an entire four-piece Popeye fried chicken feed with barely a pause for breath before I was even halfway through my two-piece feed.  Fuck yeah to homies who aren’t doing Ultimate Performance and still eat fried foods and high GI carbohydrates.

We ordered some starters which varied in quality.  The kimchi pancake was fine, however the dukbokki (rice roll with a spicy sweet sauce) was weirdly fried and served with what appeared to be the fried chicken sauce.  The highlight was their seaweed roll, which had rice noodles wrapped in nori, before the whole roll was dipped in batter and fried. Fuck yeahhh, carb-on-carb action!

Despite Mr Korea Chicken not being that busy, fried chicken was slow as fuck making its way out of the kitchen.  I’ve got a strong suspicion that they may only have one fryer in there which means they’re definitely gonna have a bad time if their shit ever gets popular.  After a fucking eternity, our two serves of fried chicken finally arrived.  For our table we ordered one serve of half-and-half original fried and sauced chicken and the hot spicy fried chicken. The half-and-half was underwhelming on both flavours with the original fried chicken being totally underseasoned which meant it really was just hot chicken straight from the fryer.  The sauced chicken was covered in a red goopy sticky sauce which had too much fucking sugar in it.  The hot spicy sauced chicken was the best of the three types that we had and while it was hot as fuck, it wasn’t an exceptional example of Korean Fried Chicken.  My key take away from all of Mr Korea Chicken’s sauces were that they were just really fucking one dimensional and shit was just  TOO FUCKING SWEET.  The chicken gods also didn’t smile on me because I kept falling on the wrong side of chicken selection, always ending up with a dried out piece of fuck no breast meat which has most definitely contributed to my lack of fuck yeah feelings for Mr Korea Chicken.

Overall, Mr Korea Chicken may make the bold and unsubstantiated claim that it’s “The Best Tasting Chicken in Hong Kong” but they’re fucking wrong.  I guess “Quite Adequate Tasting Chicken in Hong Kong” doesn’t have the same ring cause while shit was passable enough at the time (predictably, we still ate everything), I ain’t coming back to wait for Mr Korea’s one solitary fryer to slowly cook up some offensively sweet, largely unmemorable  fried chicken.

Fuck no – I wish I could have my calories back so I could spend those bad boys at Jollibees instead.

  • waterfallsandcaribous
    Posted at 21:04h, 25 March Reply

    No one should ever, EVER have to suffer the indignity of poor Korean FC. Poor Sgt.

    • Sgt Noms
      Posted at 07:49h, 26 March Reply

      It’s a true tragedy. I want my calories back to re-spend 🙁

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