Mr Hutchinson Cuisine (麥記美食) / Mak Kee

Mr Hutchinson Cuisine (麥記美食) / Mak Kee

麥記美食 (My browser translates this to Mr Hutchinson Cuisine, so I’m inaccurately running with this.  FYN Edit:  It’s known as Mak Kee)
21 Fort Street
Fortress Hill, Hong Kong

+852 2887 7851

Cheap as fuck – HKD10 for four potstickers, HKD15 for a bowl of dan dan noodles.

The deal:
I met up with Ms Waterfalls and Caribous recently for the first time IRL, because I’m really 14 years old and I still meet strangers off the internet.  A/S/L yo, got noodz?  After telling her to bid farewell to her loved ones so we could have dumplings followed by a serve of murder, we met up at 麥記美食 for cheap local eats which I’d read about on her fuck yeah blog.  麥記美食 is a  small hole in the wall joint which serves dumplings, stick food and noodles.  It’s really fucking small, but if you want to eat there, there’s some old tables on the road which you can sit at, dai pai dong styleez.  Inside 麥記美食 you can see the hundreds of dumplings these guys are rolling out and a massive steamer / frying apparatus is making shit crispy.  Look, I never fucking do photos on this blog but I took one just so you can recognise the place:


Ms Waterfalls and I ordered the gow gee/pot stickers (my Cantonese homies told me that once they’re fried, you should call them wor tip and not gow gee anymore), a bowl of dan dan noodles (spicy peanutty soup noodles) and the xiao long bao soup dumplings.  This place fucking slays on the value for money – check this shit out, a plate of four potstickers costs HKD10, ten xiao long bao cost HKD40 and a bowl of dan dan noodles costs HKD15.  Don’t worry my expat homies, they speak enough English for you to get food.  While the dan dan noodles were tasty enough for HKD15, shit got super real when it came to the dumplings.  When you order the xiao long bao, they’ll let you know it’ll take 10 minutes.  The problem is that with some of these cheap xiao long bao places, they half ass their skin (imma lookin’ at you Dim Sum Square) and shit’s just too fucking unrefined.  But no such issues at 麥記美食, cause their xiao long bao were tight as fuck.  But the xiao long bao are just the side girl here cause the main girl are 麥記美食’s pot stickers/gow gee/wor tip/omnipotent otherworldly dumpling deities (fuck me, just call them whatever you fucking want, but just get them ok?).

HOLY FUCKING SHIT PASS THE TISSUES CAUSE THE ANGELS ARE WEEPING, dem wor tip were so fucking magnificent.  Combined with a good squirt of black vinegar, each one was fucking outright perfection – the chewy skin, the juicy pork filling and DAT CRISPY CHARRED BOTTOM.  I made a return visit today to buy eight wor tip to take away (after I got denied from ordering the fried steamed pork buns/san jin bao as they were still making them) and I almost burned all feeling out of my tongue from smashing all eight steaming hot wor tip into my never satiated dumpling hole in approximately 20 seconds.  However, this sheer unbridled fuck yeah delight quickly gave way to deep, soul tearing sadness that I had ordered only eight wor tip and I had not taken the sensible route of ordering approximately one hundred of these glorious, fuck yeah dumpling bastards.

In FYN pro tips in how to be a fucking unbearable foodie asshole, it’s essential that you always need to fucking know an insider place.  Some small, preferably out of the way joint which serves cheap eats, so whenever there’s a conversation about ‘OMG, went to this new place in Sai Yin Pun and the dumplings are just the best!’ you can always pipe up and throw it right back in someone’s face that your favourite place is somewhere that almost no-one has heard of.  For anyone looking to score some wanker points, this dumpling joint is totally gonna be your new go to douchebag fuckface pretentious as fuck move.  Yeah assholes, I do fucking know a place.  In Fortress Hill.  BOOM – SMD Soho bitches, I got this.

I can’t claim to have eaten all the gow gee in HK ever, but these were the most amazing fuck yeah gow gee / pot stickers I’ve ever had in the Kong – FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.


Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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