Mr Bing

Mr Bing

Mr Bing (STUNNING – a functional website in HK!!!!!)

Central:  LG/F, 83 Wellington St, Central, HK
(entrance on Cochrane St, under the escalator)

Wan Chai:  Shop 6C, Southorn Centre, 113 Johnston Road, Wan Chai

Central:  +852 2568 8248
Wan Chai:  +852 2568 0455
FYN hot tip – you can call them up before you get there to make it for you so you don’t have to wait for them to make it when you get there.

The deal:
It’s actually been a bit remiss of me not to write up Mr Bing earlier because I fucking love this place.  Mr Bing is a cool, HK version of the ‘jianbing’ you can buy on the roadsides of Beijing for RMB4.  Of course, now that it’s a hip place in HK with mandohiphop blaring through the speakers, a perfect ratio of cute Mr Bing logo and on HK Island, inflation is about 10 times that.  But in HK prices, it’s still a great deal.  So for those that don’t know what a jianbing is, it’s a crepe made from green bean flour and then has a number of different fillings.  The traditional Beijing bing has green bean batter, egg, onion, sesame seeds, house sauce, chili sauce, tofu sauce, coriander and a fried dough crisp.  Mr Bing then has a number of other variations – including my other favourite, Peking Duck Bing.  I’m not as huge on the sweet bings but I’d always be Team Savoury over Team Sweet.  There is not much more for me to say but I fucking love Mr Bing.  Sometimes, after a massive work week, I go to yoga at 7am on a Friday morning, I call up Mr Bing at 830am to tell them that I’m en route for a bing and then I sit at my desk by 9am, eating my Mr Bing and I’m pretty fucking happy, geared up for the weekend.

I also have to give Mr Bing a full hearted Fuck Yeah Noms approval for the time when I’d been out drinking with my friends and I swung by Mr Bing RIGHT at closing time (10pm).  The lady (Monica!  I still remember this sweet angel’s name) was like ‘We are so sorry, we are closed – we have made our last bing for the night!  You will have to come back next time’ and given I was hungry and full of red wine, I took it upon myself to do my best crying face and I shamelessly pleaded and begged that they make me one more bing.  ‘Please’ I implored Monica, ‘I am begging you….I am so hungry and I really just one bing to eat on the way home.  Please don’t make me go to McDonald’s!!!!! All I want in this mortal coil right now is a Mr Bing!  You will absolutely make my night if you can just find it in your heart to make one more bing tonight….’  God bless her benevolent heart, she made one more bing for me and she always remembered me on all the other next times that I returned.

That my friends, is how you build a loyal (though shameless) customer for life.

The verdict:
Fuck yeah!!!!

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