71A Macleay Street
Potts Point NSW Australia

+612 9360 4410

Mains range from AUD20 – AUD28, but you’ll need more than one per person.

The deal:
This was one of those dining experiences which is nice enough at the time but even a week later, I’m struggling to remember what I really enjoyed on the night.  Yeah, there’s your tip off already, use of ‘nice’ which is on the FYN forbidden vocabulary list.  There were some good points – the charcuterie plate (although, AUD26 seems pretty fucking steep to me, even with my AUD pricing glasses on) and the chicken liver parfait.  There were some low points – service was a bit tardy (I had to make thirsty face at one point to get an aperitif), price to quantity of food was veering dangerously close to ‘food for ants’ territory and I am still taking offence to the trevally dish we had which seemed to be in absentia trevally except for a few slivers (srs, if you’re going to pull this shit at least list it as ‘a hint of trevally’, gotta keep it real Monopole).  I didn’t do dessert given how uninspiring they sounded.  I’ll confess, was concerned by ‘Nectarine, almond milk and blueberry’.  Yes, singular blueberry description.  Whether it was a typo or not, we’ll never know – but I knew the rage that was going to follow if a single, though accurately described, blueberry came floating to my table in a sea of almond milk for AUD14.

Ultimately, Monopole was one of those restaurants where I wouldn’t be upset about if I had to go back to but I’d never actively seek a return there.  Which is the heart of the fuck yeah / fuck no rating system.  Life’s too fucking short for nice.

The verdict:
Fuck no.

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Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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