Upstairs at Ku De Tah
Jalan Kayu Aya #9, Denpasar
Bali, Indonesia 80361

+62 361 736969

The seven and 11-course degustation menus are IDR 590,000 and IDR 790,000 before tax and service charge.  About USD60 and USD80 respectively, post the tax/service charge.

The deal:
There is no al a carte at Mejekawi, it’s degustation or GTFO.  You don’t need to even guess, I’m a greedy cunt so of course we went for the 11 course option.  The meal was fucking tasty – probably the best one I had in Bali on my last trip there.  It’s upstairs at Ku De Tah which is usually Eurotrash/Oztrash central – the last time I went to Ku De Tah in the day time, I was embarassed that all the Euros were tanner than me.  WTF man, I’ve got more melanin – which meant I had to aggressively step up the tanning for the rest of my trip to compete.  Anyway, enough about my fucking body image issues – I’ve got a Cosmo to read later to workshop it, so don’t sweat it.  11 course degustation was 8 savoury + 3 dessert courses.  Savoury courses were good shit – A+ for execution.  Then, we hit the three dessert courses.  The following is going to skew the fuck up my review because all you’re going to remember is the dessert rant.

This experience was like a study of contrasts.  Glorious savoury and then the second dessert course – which hands down,  wins the title of ‘The Worst Thing I’ve EVER Fucking Eaten in a Restaurant’.  I believe it was a coconut water macaron and it was absolutely horrifying.  It came out and I made some food wank commentary “The macaron doesn’t even have a FOOT, is this a meringue or a macaron”, but the lack of foot was the least of the issues that were to follow.  I ate this bullshit dessert and I knew I was in trouble when it instantly tasted like soap , chalk and sadness.  I couldn’t even spit out the nightmare because this fucked up abomination of a dessert then disintegrated in my mouth, like a dirty bomb that no one could hold back.  Ms Two Serves was with me and she hates macarons and meringues at the best of times, but given the look of pure abject horror on my face, she had to try it. ‘How could anything make you pull that face?’, her innocence shining bright.  She licked the filling, just to get an idea and then to her horror like napalm, the macaron attached itself to the filling and also disintegrated into her mouth.  ‘Toe jam’ she declared, ‘This tastes like TOE JAM’.  The super courteous and attentive waiters came to ask us how this course was and we couldn’t hold back ‘That wasn’t fit for human consumption’ and “Awful.  It was beyond awful” I told them point blank.  Ms Two Serves just flapped her hands, shook her head and her eyes were dead pools of sadness.  The most fascinating thing about Macarongate 2013 is that I wish I could have taken a case of these fucked up satan treats with me, so I could make everyone eat them to truly experience ‘The Worst Thing I’ve EVER Fucking Eaten in a Restaurant’.  I don’t want to take away from the fuck yeah eight savoury courses but when a dessert course is so viscerally burned into your psyche, in some sadomasochistic fashion it’s a fuck no that becomes a fuck yeah.  Just to say you’ve been there.

Fuck yeah!!!!!!!  You should still eat the macaron, just so you can definitively say to people you’ve eaten ‘The Worst Thing I’ve EVER Fucking Eaten in a Restaurant’,

  • Ms. Two Serves
    Posted at 18:13h, 21 November Reply

    You left out one dessert. Our 11 course was 12 cause they added an extra savory (jamon croquette) for us cause they knew we were so gd greedy. Have to say our best and worst decision was switching out the wrong dessert. We changed the white Choco bubbles (white chocolate foam and chocolate balls) for the earl grey tea something or other. If we had just seen the nasty abomination on the menu we would’ve immediately nixed it. Sadness. It was followed by a very boring but tasty milk chocolate cone with mango and coconut. At least that washed out the “powdered detergent a la toe jam” taste out of my mouth.

    • sgtnoms
      Posted at 18:29h, 21 November Reply

      I wish I could remember how they described that macaron cause they definitely did not clearly mark it as a macaron. I just don’t get why you would have 3 dessert courses out of 11 when you are a clearly not very good at desserts. Then you look at their facebook page and they keep offering a million dessert master classes!!

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