Mak’s Noodles (Causeway Bay)

Mak’s Noodles (Causeway Bay)

Mak’s Noodles
G/F, 37 Leighton Road
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

+852 2893 0006

HKD40ish for a bowl of congee.

The deal:
It’s well documented about the tears that I shed when it was discovered that Praise House @ iSquare TST had closed down.  Like an emotionally vulnerable girl who’s just had their boyfriend run off into the night without even saying goodbye properly, I’ve gingerly tried to get back on the congee dating scene.  I’ve been scouring lists online which claim to have the best congee in HK (and eliminating any of them which mention the very utilitarian though not inspiring Wong Chi Kei).

Mak’s Noodle is famous for its wonton mien/noodles and in the same way that the newspapers always refer to Xinjiang as “restive Xinjiang”, Mak’s wonton mien is always referred to as having “springy noodles” and “tiny serving sizes”. Mak’s clearly doesn’t give a fuck about its serving sizes though as everyone continues to flock there and any stupid ass celebrity chef who blows through town making a TV show will stop in. Anyway, the pei dan sai yuk juk (preserved egg + salty pork congee) is decent at the Tin Hau Mak’s Noodle branch but the same cannot be said for its Causeway Bay branch.  It looked ok and the bowl certainly wasn’t as tiny as the wonton noodle bowl but the juk just lacked anything memorable about it.  The consistency of the porridge wasn’t smooth enough and the flavour was just not memorable at all.  Like a date with a physically attractive guy who doesn’t have any interests outside of cricket, all the physical components were there but there was nothing interesting to pull it all together or warrant a second date.  It certainly wasn’t enough to move me on from the torrid and passionate love affair that I’d been having with the juk at Praise House. As I finish my substandard juk, the memories of Ms Praise House swirl around me like a Simple Minds’ song, ‘Don’t you, forget about me…don’t don’t don’t don’t’...

Fuck no.  But I must find the strength to move on, Ms Praise – I gotta face the facts, it’s fucking over.

  • Robert
    Posted at 09:26h, 16 June Reply

    We have always had luck here. The beef one with corn (ok, weird, but if you like corn, give it a try) is usually a winner. Although my GF says now they have a new cook, it’s not as good as before. I don’t really see the difference, but then again I’m a white guy, so what do I know.

    And, if you head over there, my opinion for the best Thai place in HK is just 2 streets over.

    • sgtnoms
      Posted at 21:31h, 16 June Reply

      I’m all about the pei dan sai yuk juk – no other congee is going to work for me. But. GIMME THE DEETS ON THE THAI PLACE NAO.

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