Little Bao

Little Bao

Little Bao (it’s precisely 110% not useful as a website)
66 Staunton Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

N/A – it’s a no booking place

HKD250 – 300 each for food (including one HKD78 burger and NO booze) but be prepared to still be hungry.

The deal:
The question is, how fucking upset can you really get that the food at a restaurant is small when they have it front and centre in their fucking name – LITTLE Bao.  The hipster force is large and in charge at Little Bao, easily crossing off 14 of my 20 point Hipster Restaurant Checklist and on a MONDAY night at 8pm, we waited almost 50 minutes to get a seat.  The food was fucking great but as the name suggests, it was little (food for ants!) and expensive.  HKD128 for a handful of clams.  HKD128 for 4 beef short rib dumplings (that’s USD4 a dumpling!!) and celeriac salad (fancy shit, see?).  HKD78 for a tiny gourmet slider style burger the size of a small child’s fist with Asian influenced fillings (fried chicken skin! pork belly! USD10!!!!).  I could have easily slammed three to four of those burgers and I’d hazard a guess that a normal person would probably need at least two to three.

Our waiter kindly reminded us at the end that there was ‘no service charge’ which translates to ‘Listen up homes, we’ve already stung you on the prices and now to ensure you are completely bankrupt by the end of the meal, we’d like to guilt you into tipping over and above the already inflated prices’.  

In a stunning move of foresight, before I left for dinner at Little Bao, I set a whole chicken to slow roast at home so I could snack down on a drumstick when I got home in case of still being hungry.  Let’s just say, I’m a prophet and I didn’t even know it.

The verdict:
Fuck yeah if someone else is paying.  Otherwise, fuck no.  I can’t even make this a fuck yeah on pay day.  I mean, USD10 for a tiny burger is a cross that I just can’t bear.  I felt even more affronted on the value front than the 22 Ships incident.  But then again, if your restaurant is packed out on a Monday night with a queue, maybe I’m just a massive fucking tight ass??

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