La Grande Bouffe (Lunch Set)

La Grande Bouffe (Lunch Set)

La Grande Bouffe
LG/F 66 Hollywood Road
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2324 1408

Lunch set = HKD98 for 2 courses (starter/main or main/dessert) or HKD108 for all three.  Excludes 10% service charge.

The deal:
La Grande Bouffe is a film which per its Wiki, “tells the story of four friends who gather in a villa for the weekend with the express purpose of eating themselves to death”.  Surely that sort of movie has to resonate with a greedy fucker like me.  We rolled into La Grande Bouffe for a casual lunch and it hits this mark pretty fucking perfectly – sweet price point, enthusiastic and decent servers and most importantly,  decent casual bistro style food.  Sure, the restaurant has a gimmick – it’s decorated in ‘5 provinces’ so you’re meant to pick whether you want to lunch in Provence, Auvergne, Burgundy, Corsica or Paris – but as I was reflecting upon with Ms This is Bullshit, if you call your restaurant La GRANDE Bouffe, we’re expecting velvet, chandeliers, candelabras and gold accents all over the fucking joint.  But I was also paying around HKD120 for a 3 course lunch set so how much goddamn gilding can you expect?

Menu is limited with only two choices per course and servings aren’t huge but hey ho, I enjoyed my vegetable soup and the couscous and chicken tagine was served in cute as fuck mini Le Creuset pots and I probably could have stopped after two courses but per FYN’s tagline, I powered through a lemon tart cause I’m a hard cunt. Coffee’s not included and perhaps it’s a sting, because the sign on the wall declared FIFTY FUCKING FIVE DOLLARS for a coffee (that sort of price point giving those Fuel Fuckers a run for their money) which could inflate your well priced lunch set by almost 50%. Lucky I’m a tight ass wiley fucker so didn’t fall for the coffee sting and walked away from the Bouffe feeling pleased as fuck with their value proposition.

Fuck yeah, lunch set value!

  • anthony
    Posted at 17:55h, 07 May Reply

    I’ am Anthony manager of La Grande Bouffe. first of all, Thanks for your review. Just want to comment the coffee part.
    The price of the coffee at 50hkd is only a joke on the blackboard, which offer 50hkd for “a coffee”, 35 hkd for “a coffee please” and 30hkd for “a coffee please thank you”. IT S WORTH TO BE POLITE.
    It is only a joke for the costumers. otherwise all our coffee are at 30hkd or 35hkd for cappuccino/latte.
    See you here for a coffee please thank you!!!

    • Sgt Noms
      Posted at 22:36h, 07 May Reply

      Yo homie, I totally missed the tiered system where it’s HKD50 if you don’t say thank you. What do you charge if I say ‘fuck yeahhhh, one fucking coffee’? Loved your lunch set – FUCK YEAH VALUE!

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