La Badiane

La Badiane

La Badiane
10 Nam Ngu Street
Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

+84 (4) 39 42 45 09 – I couldn’t get an answer from their website booking form but had good success with their email

The deal:
Degustation was USD65 (excl 15% tax) and when you order 2, you get a half bottle of decent champagne.  We had been given some pretty rave reviews about this place before we went and if you check Tripadvisor, everyone seemed pretty impressed.  For whatever that is worth.  It seems like everyone on Tripadvisor is always impressed with whatever hotel / restaurant they are going to.  Nice going fake reviewers, I will surely consider your hotel in future.  Considering the cost of food in Vietnam, this was a pretty expensive meal and whenever I order a degustation, I have big expectations because it should be what a chef feels is his showpiece.  The meal was enjoyable enough but there were enough things that didn’t hit it out of the park to justify giving it a FYN. Refer below:

  • Foie gras with mango and coffee syrup.  Honestly, why is sweet fruit + savoury things even a thing anymore?  This was complete with a drizzlefest of coffee syrup on my plate.  However, the foie gras was much better on its own.  Like the Coco Chanel saying “When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on”, Mr Badiane, take that damn mango and mess off my plate.
  • Bread came out plain.  No butter / oil / vinegar / salt / pepper.  I understand that bread condiments are a personal preference but did they really think most people wanted to eat a plain roll?
  • Dessert – chef’s selection.  Maybe I just watch too much Top Chef and think I’m channelling my Tom Colicchio when I say things like ‘I was just bored by this course.  Everything was the same note, the same texture’.  The palate cleanser before it was a tangerine sorbet (too sweet and too big).  The dessert was then 3 different creamy, cold things – a vanilla ice-cream + apple, a green tea and vanilla mousse and a sickly sweet chocolate semi-freddo thing.  Too sweet, too soft, too one-note boring.  This isn’t an old people’s home.

Fuck no.

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