Kappacasein (Borough Markets)

Kappacasein (Borough Markets)

Borough Markets
8 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TL

Lolz, it’s a market stall.

£5 (approx USD8.50) per toasted sandwich.

The deal:
One of my homies posted this picture on Facebook over a year ago and it was determined that this melted cheese toasty had been obtained from the Borough Markets in London.  Not knowing any other details other than this photo which was indelibly burned into my psyche, I stomped around the Borough Markets on the look out – ensuring I remained fuelled by freshly shucked oysters, prosecco spritzers and sausage rolls so I could execute this exhausting, arduous journey. Eat lean, train mean, motherfuckers.  We found the Kappacasein stall near the Fish! restaurant and HK styleez, got our ass into the line, DTC (Down to Cheese), smugly confident that shit would be good given that there was a substantial, though fast moving line.  We watched the Kappacasein homies operating two sandwich presses – pumping out six sandwiches at a time.  This toasted sandwich brought its Cheese Game up to a whole ‘nother level – involving a mix of Montgomery cheddar/Ogleshield/Comte cheeses, leeks and badass onions, wedged between some shit famous, Poilâne French sourdough bread.

To convey the deep Fuck Yeah Best Toasted Sandwich of My Life feeling, I feel it was most eloquently voiced by my Scottish Poet Friend, who vociferously provided the following soliloquy as he smashed the sandwich into his life:

FUCK.  Fuck me.

Oh my fucking god.

Fuck.  Fuckkkkk this is so good.



Truly a poem for the ages.

Fuck yeah to the best toasted sandwich of my whole goddamn life.

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