Grand Hyatt
M/F, 1 Harbour Rd ‎
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

+852 2584 7722 ‎

Price range:
Lunch sets ranged from HKD300 – 600.

The deal:
Kaetsu has been under renovation and it reopened in October 2013.  It’s an entirely inoffensive business lunch location.  The decor is lacqured, shiny and sterile.  The service is prompt and courteous.  My chirashi sushi rice set was nice enough, except for a weird glutinous nightmare as an ‘appetizer’ next to it.  But it was also HKD600 so is ‘nice enough’, good enough?  Another member of the Inoffensive and Not Memorable Japanese Food Club in HK.

The verdict:
Fuck no.

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Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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