Holy Crab

Holy Crab

Holy Crab
3/F, Cosmos Building
8-11 Lan Kwai Fong
Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

+852 2110 0100


The deal:
Ms Two Serves and I decided to check out the newly opened Cajun-Creole restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong, which specialises in crab boils.  A boil involves stuffing a plastic bag full of seafood, spices, corn, sausage and potato before boiling it at a low temperature.  Holy Crab is jiving with this cute nautical theme and they even offer merchandise emblazoned with their cheery cartoon crab logo so you could buy a t-shirt or a beach towel to constantly remind yourself of your love for a random restaurant in LKF.  However, despite the fun vibe they’re going for, on the night we went the dining room was 75% empty, as a palpable air of despair hung in the air.  NOT A GOOD SIGN, but I know Holy Crab has only been open for less than a month so I pushed these paranoid thoughts aside.

Holy Crab’s big selling point is that they fly their live seafood in from the US and you get to personally pick it from their artificial rockpools, before you send your chosen aqueous homies to their death in the kitchen.   HOWEVER what Holy Crab neglects to mention is that they appear to be flying their crustaceans via first fucking class cause fuck me, this live seafood malarky is NOT cheap.  A Dungeness crab goes for HKD1,230 a kilo.  Clams are HKD570 a kilo.  Tiger prawns are HKD520 a kilo. King Crab legs are HKD820 a kilo.  THIS IS BEFORE A 10% SERVICE CHARGE.  We selected a feisty looking Dungeness crab, six large black tiger prawns and a handful of clams before choosing which sauce and level of spiciness we wanted.  Our singular Dungeness crab clocks in at an eye watering HKD1,200. Ms Two Serves and I take a moment to fear for the impending live freighted seafood related bankruptcy that we see looming in our future.

To start, we have the Southern Fried Okra and Tomato Salad (HKD80).  The okra is battered with cornmeal and while shit’s crunchy, it’s completely unremarkable due to a complete lack of seasoning.  Fuck Holy Crab, use some salt, some herbs, just fucking do something.  The salad leaves are browning and wilted, with this fuck no flaccid affair drenched in some sort of ranch dressing which tastes like it’s come straight from a bottle. Holy Crab brought a selection of six sauces to the table and I make a futile attempt to see if the flavourless fried okra can be remedied by one of these six basic-ass ready made sauces. The only part executed well were the bacon bits in the salad but LBR, it takes a fucking special effort to fuck up bacon.

Our side of corn fritters (HKD58) arrive and these greasy lumps of batter arrive in a small metal bucket.  Immediately the warning signs go off, as they look like they’ve spent too long in the fryer, a shade too brown.  There’s barely any fucking corn in the stodgy batter and these cloying fuckers are served with this honey butter which sounds ok but had some sort of weird taste that lingered.  The last thing these greasy ballbags alleging to be corn fritters needed was a butter based dip that added MORE fucking grease.  It’s my normal modus operandi to shove as many fried carbs as possible into my pie hole in preparation for that one day in 2019 when I finally decide to go for that overdue carb-loaded run, but I didn’t even make it through two of these barely corn filled unctuous greaseballs. Fuck noooooo.

FYN note:  While ‘unctuous’ may be on my ‘forbidden’ vocabulary list, I really do mean unctuous in its true literal meaning of having a greasy feel.  Unlike all those other food blogging assholes who think every egg yolk they ever came across should be described as unctuous.

Combine the above two FUCK NO dishes with an almost empty dining room, my gut feeling before our $eafood boil arriving at this point in time was something like this:


Our boil arrives and Ms Two Serves and I were fucking excited to spot our crab, despite the incoming bank breaking times.  I also have a moderate amount of understanding that a crab boil is never going to be as cheap as the US cause Holy Crab did have to fly your shit in live and kicking.  But what I can’t forgive is that despite all the LIVE SEAFOOD palaver, the finished dish wasn’t actually any fucking good.  Everything arrives in metal buckets and the crab shows up in one fucking piece.  Cut a patron a break Holy Crab and at least smash up the carapace for me.  The crab meat was good and the clams were ok but fuckkkk the tiger prawns which looked impressive were tough as fuck.  LBR, I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK where the fuck you fly your prawns in from if you overcook the shit out of them.

The biggest FUCK NO though was the seasoning used in the boil.  While some HK Lifestyle blogs are claiming that Holy Crab are using “the most flavoursome herbs and spices” they have clearly never fucking eaten here (or maybe they don’t actually possess any fucking tastebuds) because the herbs and spices used were a fucked up, nondescript wishy washy mess.  We ordered the garlic herb for the prawns, the rajun cajun for the clams and the bag o’ tricks sauce for the crab and all I can remember is the oregano overpowering everything.  The sauce was too watery which meant I gave zero fucks that they served everything in tall metal buckets with a long spoon which made it ergonomically impossible to scoop the sauce out.  Despite the fact we were dropping some serious coin, I couldn’t have given less of a fuck that there wasn’t a slice of complementary bread kicking around cause that watery oregano mess didn’t require any clean up.  Nostalgic wistful memories flood back to the last crab boil I had (Shrimp Daddy in Taipei, yeah I know I should have written it up) where the boil sauce was such a fuck yeah of epic proportions that we demanded extra bread so we could soak up all that delicious as fuck seafood and herb juice, and Shrimp Daddy lifted it to the Greatest of All Time by giving us some next level fried mantou bread.

We also ordered our sauce ‘medium’ spiciness and it was barely spicy at all.  Fair game, I get it – most people in HK are a bag of pussies when it comes to spice so you don’t want to kill most people.  I ordered some extra spicy sauce on the side and while it had a little more heat, it just didn’t taste very good, the chilli in it feeling raw and underdone.

Service was enthusiastic and well-intentioned, however I felt constantly harangued by the waiters who kept asking “Are you finished?”, as they hovered by our table ready to snatch our dishes away so they could presumably wrap shit up and go home.  Ms Two Serves and I flag down the bill and she has this reaction when she checks it:



I know that I’m just a greedy asshole who likes to eat and can use a keyboard,  so I have zero fucking actual knowledge on what it’s like to open a restaurant.  But I can only assume that you’d ask some of your honest as fuck friends what they think about your concept and your price point.  I imagine that before Holy Crab opened they must have had conversations like the below to see if they were in the ballpark of normalcy:

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 9.55.50 am


FYN cannot be any fucking clearer about my views on this restaurant – should ANY of your friends suggest this place to you, FYN recommends the following reaction:


FYN can say with all certainty that if any of you have any interest in buying a crab boil place in LKF replete with branded beach towels, hold onto your scavenging hats cause there’s gonna be one going out of business in the next year that you can snap up for a couple of coffees and some peanut shells.

  • Ken Joy
    Posted at 12:37h, 08 March Reply

    All I can say after reading this rant of a post is haters gonna hate lol. This makes for an amusing read if you have got too much time to spare.

    • Sgt Noms
      Posted at 12:57h, 08 March Reply

      Praise be the haters xo fucking xo

  • Willy
    Posted at 20:40h, 08 March Reply


  • Natalee
    Posted at 22:03h, 08 March Reply

    Fuck no… We have been to the Holy Crab 4 times since it opened. First time got invited by a friend to the soft opening, free food and booze and we loved it. So much so we have gone again 3 more times to date (as full paying customers) and taken groups of friends with us. Key to this restaurant is sharing. Don’t just two of you be fat fucks and order too much food.

    From the dinner menu we ordered 2 kilos of prawns (best prawns I have ever had), 2 buckets of calamari and craw fish, prawn salad, plus between 4 of us we had 8 beers and I think 4 glasses of wine, plus sparkling water. Bill from memory was around 480 HKD each. Next time we went was lunch for 12 people and we shared heaps of different dishes, plus drank copious amounts of alcohol and we paid 600 each… Once again walked out of there stuffed.

    Aside from the cheesy merchandise on display, this place has been fit out really nicely and it has a fun vibe. My only criticism is the staff need to make it a habit to steer you around the corner to the fresh rock pools where you can select your catch of the day “live”, have it weighed and get the daily catch price. The menu has many great choices and the alcohol list is ample. Google local prices of dungeoness crabs in HK and you will see lofty prices across the board…

  • waterfallsandcaribous
    Posted at 12:59h, 10 March Reply

    Haha you’re a fat fuck. She said so.

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  • Joy
    Posted at 15:22h, 04 July Reply

    Me and my friends were very disappointed to say that Holy Crab is a terrible establishment in HK and fradulent. After attending a relatively good press tasting back in 2015, I had high hopes for the Weekend brunch that was advertised heavily on Groupon. However upon arrival it was clear to see that the place has gone dramatically down in standards.We bought a voucher for 298 per person on Groupon (without service charge) and immediately upon arrival they are advertising the same price on the door! Talk about getting a bargain!! As they began the brunch, it was very apparent they are severly understaffed with one member literally greeting customers, taking orders, behind the bar and bussing tables. Poor guy was rushed off his feet.The menu advertised on Groupon was a LIE, there was barely anything available (2 small tables, bulked out with cheap items like potatoes, salad leaves and fruit)What was most disappointing? Absolutely NO Foie Gras, Cheese Platter, NO Coffee OR Tea. Not even allowed a glass of water. Disgusting that they would heavily advertise something they don’t even offer. Please avoid at all costs, you are wasting your hard earned money here. Go down the road to Braza where there is a very decent buffet for basically the same price with amazing service.I expect this place will be out of business in no time.

    • Sgt Noms
      Posted at 23:04h, 25 July Reply

      Duuuuuuuude, this was the WORST restaurant I ate at in 2015. I wish you had RTFB (read the fucking blog) before you went. So sad for your bad brunch times 🙁

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