Happy Fisherman HK

Happy Fisherman HK

Happy Fisherman HK (Chinese only)
Ground Floor, 35 Wui Street
Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong

+852 3486 4642

HKD400 for three people.  FUCK YEAH TO KOWLOON PRICES!!

The deal:
We were stomping around Tai Kok Tsui (right next to Mong Kok) and was using the tried old, HK method of finding somewhere to nom – a scientific combination of using Openrice to almost no noticeable benefit (‘This one has 87 smiles but 16 crying face.  This one doesn’t have any reviews at all.  This one has 102 smiles and 24 crying face. OH NO WHAT SHOULD WE DO?  WHICH ONE SHOULD WE GO TO?  OH NOW IT’S CRASHED’) and then looking for places with a queue, but not too much of a queue and just peering through windows at people’s food to get the vibe of it.

We decided on Happy Fishermen because we could see hot pots with WHOLE FISH in there.  Restaurant also ticked off local requirements – long queue and good smells.  Loved watching the ‘booking’ system with locals claiming ‘But I booked at 8pm’ while desperately waving their paper tickets at the waiter at 9:30pm.  As far as I can tell, making a booking just gets you the privilege to waive your paper ticket a bit more furiously and perhaps jump someone in the queue if you waive it fervently enough.

We waited too long.  Partly because this gwai lo on a date didn’t seem to get the joke and was sitting there for over half an hour with an empty wine glass and no food.  Like SRS, by the time the food and the wine is over, time to tell the girl that you want to go somewhere ‘more quiet’ and GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING TABLE.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get involved in Sichuan soup base (the king of hot pot soup base) due to someone in our party not having big balls and went with the Yunan soup base.  Sour pickles, fish and onions.  Then we loaded that bad boy up with beancurd skin, beef, dumplings, vegetables, pig skin, tofu and mushrooms.  The only fuck no was the blood cubes – yeah, maybe a fuck no for most people at the best of times but even by my fuck yeah blood pud pud standards, it was a fuck no due to some weird taste that…wasn’t blood?

Obviously it’s a pretty non-English friendly venue but how good is it not getting totally bankrupted in Soho or Wan Chai for some substandard nom?  I swear I’ve paid HKD400 a person for hot pot on the Island but we got out at HKD400 for all three of us.

FUCK YEAH to tasty, cheap, local noms!!!

  • Erick
    Posted at 22:59h, 16 August Reply

    fuck no. mediocre. rude service. I will never come here again or recommend this place to anyone. Id rate this place my worst restaurant experience of ALL TIME.

    • sgtnoms
      Posted at 23:18h, 16 August Reply

      That’s too fucking sad – I can’t remember the service being exceptional (but I wasn’t expecting it either) but I still gave their food a fuck yeah. Feedback is feedback though – thanks for commenting. How were they rude??

  • Ray gunn
    Posted at 20:10h, 06 February Reply

    Mad props to FYN for keeping it real

Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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