What it must be like to own Fuel when you charge HKD48 for a coffee + milk

What it must be like to own Fuel when you charge HKD48 for a coffee + milk


I reckon almost all of those rich ass bastards spending almost USD7 on a goddamn coffee couldn’t tell the difference between Simply Life v Fuel in a blind taste test.  But yeah sure, I’d love to be a massive coffee douchebag, pay far too much fucking money and cart around a brown Fuel coffee cup which signifies to the world YEAH I FUCKING KNOW COFFEE, AMIRITE OR WHAT?!   I’m Australian, I fucking get it – we love to get all turgid and wank off about coffee too.  It’s obligatory, someone goes to Melbourne and we instantly go ‘Ohhhhhhhhh my god!  Such cute little alleyway bars and greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat coffee’, we might even follow it up with total pretentious douchebaggery comments like ‘We have got such a great coffee culture in Australia! Outside of Italy and for coffee with milk, Australia is really the best.  That’s why we’re the only country where Starbucks has failed!’.  I don’t even think the coffee at Fuel is that fucking great – I went once and had to ask them to remake my long black three fucking times cause they were too busy counting their money instead of giving me a coffee with a goddamn crema.  I drink my coffee black (like my heart) but it’s the principle, HKD48 for a fucking latte is just a FUCK NO.

  • Robert
    Posted at 14:18h, 07 June Reply

    Word up.

    BTW we went to Fatty Crab last night. Ticked 16 out of 20 boxes on your hipster list. We even showed the (bearded, spectacled) waiter the list and told him so.

    • sgtnoms
      Posted at 14:43h, 07 June Reply

      I meant to write a review on Fatty Crab but was a lazy bastard and then I couldn’t remember enough details to write about it accurately. FY or FN?

      And how did Beardy take the Hipster Checklist?!

  • La Grande Bouffe (Lunch Set) | fuck yeah noms
    Posted at 09:32h, 01 July Reply

    […] on the wall declared FIFTY FUCKING FIVE DOLLARS for a coffee (that sort of price point giving those Fuel Fuckers a run for their money) which could inflate your well priced lunch set by almost 50%. Lucky […]

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