Enoteca (Quarry Bay)

Enoteca (Quarry Bay)

Enoteca (Unbelievable, functional and useful website!)
35-41 Tong Chong St
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

+852 2744 6000

$650 for two people. Note that 40% of this was attributable to mojitos.

The deal:
My husband wanted to eat tapas today which doesn’t normally set my world on fire because tapas is generally code for ‘tiny amounts of food with Spanish names which cost about 3 times more than they should’. I don’t care if you call them ‘patatas bravas’, deep frying potatoes and putting them on a small plate doesn’t elevate them to HKD100 worth. Enoteca was a solid, no-fuss venue. Prompt service, decent serving sizes and the price point wasn’t ridiculous. They were also serving a brunch menu and we saw some pretty decent looking eggs benedict going out (note: We also saw an Asian girl eating her way around the eggs…which really is taking the point out of an eggs benedict. However, nothing beat the sheer look of kill me in the face boredom of another poor Asian guy stuck between two girls yammering on about their latest handbag purchase). I can’t fault a weekend lunch which involves good salmon croquettes, calamari, chroizo and two pitchers of mojitos. It’s not going to be the meal you remember on your death bed, but it was solid enough tapas feed without being bankrupt over some miniscule serve of fried potatoes or mushrooms.

Fuck yeah.

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