11F, 11 Stanley St
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2811-5611 (I would definitely book cause this place got crowded as fuck from about 12:30pm onwards)

HKD138 (+10%) for the Inaniwa Crab Meat Udon lunch set (ie. noodles + a drink)

The deal:
Despite the Japanese name, Donka is one of those fusion restaurants which always makes me wary because fusion is often code for ‘We don’t really do anything well and try to pass off half assed Japanese and Korean food as something innovative’.  I mean check out the set lunch menu it’s fucking all over the shop – Chinese pork burgers, spaghetti, Korean sauce, Japanese udon and then just to make sure to cover SE Asia off as well, Bak Kut Teh.  Donka are famous for their Inaniwa Crab Meat udon so I didn’t mess around with all the other fusion shit and went straight down to Udon Town.  I’m surprised they weren’t trumpetting about the Crab Roe in their dish, only mentioning the Crab Meat / Pork Meat (A+ on mentioning the pork meat btw Donka and not just pretending that it’s all sweet crab in there).

I’ll be real with you, this was some next level udon business – chewy, toothy udon, a very decent amount of crab meat and roe with this tasty as fuck sweet tomato sauce (reminiscent of a Singaporean Chilli Crab sauce).  They give you a bottle of black vinegar so you can get all piquant on your udon.  But this next level udon shiz definitely does not come cheap with a seriously hefty price tag of HKD138 (+10%).  I mean shit hot damn, that’s USD20+ for a bowl of not that large noodles (not quite food for ants…maybe food for a small cat though.  Other people I was eating with claimed they were very full though.  To think I have the audacity to wonder why HK girls stay so fucking skinny – no shit Sherlock, perhaps they’re not inhaling every piece of food they ever see and then going back for seconds).  But on the flip side, how super fucking tedious is it getting a crab out of its shell without any bullshit shell pieces (which, notable this was a crab shell free scenario)?  Then you add crab roe into that mix – what price do you put on eating the lives of thousands of baby crabs?  So I guess you are paying that HKD138 per bowl of noodles which were flown in from Japan and then added to a fuck yeah no messing about, decent serving of crab meat and crab roe (without any bullshit fake imitation crab seafood extender fuck no nonsense) which some poor fucker had to painstakingly dig out with a chopstick.  Sounds pretty fucking luxurious to me.

Fuck yeah on pay day, cause shit hot damn USD20 for a bowl of udon is serious bank.


Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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