Dandan Soul Food from Sichuan

Dandan Soul Food from Sichuan

Dandan Soul Food from Sichuan (holy fuck it’s actually a useful HK website)
181 Queen’s Road
Grand Millennium Plaza
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

(Helpful info from the website – MTR Sheung Wan, Exit E2 – fuck no to taking the wrong exit from the Sheung Wan MTR and never arriving at your destination, ever)

Ehhhh, I couldn’t find it easily on their website so if they can’t be bothered, why should I?  It’s not a booking place anyway.

Noodles + a small side dish + tea set = HKD70.  8 pieces of dumplings = HKD55.

The deal:
Dandan Soul Food from Sichuan (DDSFFS) opened about a month and a half ago by a French homie, Jerome Plassat and the chef behind the menu is his Sichuan wife.  No, I don’t know why any of the reviews or articles I read don’t ever mention Mrs Plassat’s actual name, never moving beyond describing the chef as “Jerome Plassat’s wife is from Sichuan“.  Hot trend alert, there’s now two noodle bars in Sheung Wan run by gwai lo and their Asian partners (see also:  Foxtail & Broomcorn).  Can’t blame the gwai lo noodle boys though – you know what they say, once you go Asian, you don’t go Caucasian. FACT.

DDSFFS has positioned itself as a hip, casual authentic Chengdu noodle joint.  There’s something about the name of “Dandan Soul Food from Sichuan” which feels like a working title to me – it just seems so fucking factual.  Hey DDSFFS, Y U no have snappy name to match your bold, comedic logo?  Even when you make an acronym out of their long ass name it just reads like “Dandan Soul FFS”?  What I do know is that I get this song in my head everytime I think of DDSFFS’s name:

Super friendly Jerome was manning the cashier at the front where you order and he will happily take you through the menu.  All of the noodles sounded so fucking rad – I wanted to eat them all and I ruminated over whether to go traditional with the namesake Dan Dan Pulled Noodle or try something different. In true HK style, once I found out that the Sliced Pork & Suan Cai Pulled Noodles and the Tender Beef Stew Pulled Noodles were sold out, every motherfucking fibre in my being desperately wanted those choices, as I made a mental note to come back at 11:30am to make sure I never, ever missed out on anything ever again.

Service here is super speedy with the food arriving really fucking fast, mere minutes after we sat down. Shit looked super fly and our waitress instructed us to eat the dumplings first while they were still hot.  The pork + leek and pork + zucchini dumplings were a fuck yeahhhhh with their fresh as fuck vegetables and juicy ass pork fillings. I fucking love thick skinned dumplings provided that they still have some chew to them and DDSFFS delivers.

But the true star of the masterpiece are their noodles.  I’d settled on the Chengdu Pork dry style pulled noodles and I was giddy as fuck in anticipation, as I mixed my very solid serve of pulled noodles with the spicy pork mince, peanuts and chilli sauce which lay underneath.  DEM CHILLI AND NUMBING SICHUAN PEPPERCORN FEELS.  Shit was so real and the sauce, meat and noodle ratio was bang on, with the rich, fragrant sauce melding perfectly with those fucking magnificent toothsome pulled noodles.  DDSFFS told me that the noodles are pretty much the one thing they don’t make on site, but full points on executing a shit hot job on sourcing a fuck yeah pulled noodle provider.  On the spice level though, DDSFFS has got four spice levels for you to choose from and because I like my spice levels to be on fyahhhhh I went for the spiciest one.  I think their scale could do with at least two more notches.  To be fair, Jerome had already told us when we were ordering that their spiciest level wasn’t going to kill you and sure, there’s jars of their homemade chilli sauce on the table (which is the same as the stuff they cook with) for you to adjust the spice to your taste, but fuuuck, after all the talk about being authentic Sichuan food, I was just expecting shit to match my expectation of Sichuan food ie. it should blow your goddamn lips off, right before you lose all feeling in your outermost extremities.

Overall, DDSFFS gets its price point right, service is friendly and efficient, and most importantly, I’ve been dreaming ’bout dem bitey, toothsome fuck yeah noodles with dat chilli pork sauce ALL fucking week. I’m literally waking up at random intervals through the night, bolting upright and shouting “TOOTHY AS FUCK NOODLES” before falling back into a chilli filled fugue (ok, may be getting fictional on yo ass here).  All I gotta say is that I, for one, am grateful for Jerome’s nameless Sichuan Chef Wife.

FUCK YEAH – I got dem noodle feels.

  • waterfallsandcaribous
    Posted at 09:26h, 31 October Reply

    Want. Damn you growing list.

  • harlang
    Posted at 14:38h, 31 October Reply

    Sgt. Noms, after reading your comment on Foxtail and Boomcorn, I got my fucking ass out of bed fast, as you got me so hungry but they fucked me, they were closed, it was Sunday.

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