2F Parekh House
63 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2810 9881

Lunch set was HKD140 for three courses.

The deal:
For all the messing around with trying to find somewhere to eat at lunch in Central where it isn’t necessary to make a booking – it appears that after almost living here for 3 years, the secret to a stress free lunch is dragging yourself up to Wyndham Street.   CVCHE surprised on the upside – not many people seem to know about it and it was only walking past their sign a few times as I schlep my way to yoga which tipped me off about its existence.

The salad entree wasn’t any old fucking boring lunch set salad (ie. iceberg lettuce with a few olives – but hey Hong Kong, you definitely need to take 6 pictures of that boring ass salad ASAP and upload it as a picture collage with a smiling bear on it going YUMMM!! to Instagram NOW), it had all that fancy sauce and plating shit going on.  Main of the tuna was cooked well and presented with more sauce smears, but nothing that looked like a skid mark.  We started getting all tight ass about having dessert because, brace yourselves FYN homies, I actually wasn’t starving after my meal.  But then they pointed out that the parfait was included in our bargain HKD140 meal price.  How can I say no to free?  LBR, I can’t.  Someone at work was saying that this place breaks bank at night – but I enjoyed lunch so much I might even give that a go one night.  I think I’m going to catapult CVCHE up to a ‘go to’ Central located lunch spot.  Hope all 5 of your sneaky bastards who read FYN don’t go and book all the tables at once.

Fuck yeah to lunch sets which are around HKD140, involve three courses!!

Addendum April 2015:  CVCHE has now closed and has been replaced by Chaky’s Public House.

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