Congee King (靠得住靚粥)

Congee King (靠得住靚粥)

Congee King 靠得住靚粥
7 Heard Street, Wan Chai
Hong Kong

+852 2882 3268

HKD22 a 粽/chung/jung…fucked if I know how to romanise this properly for you.  Official jyutping is zung2/zung3.  Get yo tones right or you might end up ordering a palm tree (棕/zung1).

The deal:
I asked a local noms homie where I could get the best fuck yeah 粽子 (zung zi) in HK and he first of all gave me the super unsatisfactory answer of ‘I’m not sure…my wife’s family normally make it for the festival’ but he didn’t fail me when he came back after spirited noms debate with his wife to say that Congee King in Wanchai was the eventual victor in their debate.  I’ve actually been to Congee King for congee and didn’t rate it that highly compared to the now closed Praise House @ iSquare but I should revisit their juk again now that my sweet love Praise has left me.  No point comparing it against shit you can’t get anymore.

Off topic, I was trawling Groupon and I always fucking love the English descriptions that try to get you to buy their goods – check out this super fly fuck yeah description of a deal on rice dumplings/jung:

While ordinary dumplings are swallowed with their skins, chewing down whole glutinous rice dumplings without peeling off the wrapping will certainly earn you a trip to the clinic.

So the story behind Tuen Ng Festival (Dragonboat Festival) is that this Chinese poet, Qu Yuan, got all caught up in some Middle Kingdom Game of Thrones style bullshit and got himself banished to some remote as fuck region in the Hunan province.  Then King Chu (from Qu Yuan’s home province) got his ass captured with the capital, Ying, falling soon after.  Qu Yuan got the major sads about this and got his emo on by writing a lengthy poem “Lament for Ying” – which initially had the working title “DONE WITH YOUR SHIT”, tied himself to a big ass rock and then threw himself into the Miluo river on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in 278 B.C.  Shit, to think these days, sad poets just set up a Tumblr and get real on some meme images.  The local fisherman saw this intense level shit going down and in a pretty hopeless attempt to stop the fish snacking down on Qu Yuan’s body they splashed their paddles, beat some drums and threw rice dumplings into the water.  Initially, local peeps began the tradition of throwing sacrificial cooked rice into the river in honour of their lost homie but then in typical Chinese fashion they realised “Fuck that shit, let’s turn this into an excuse to eat different types of delicious rice dumplings once a year” and the Dragonboat Festival was born.  DISCLAIMER:  Don’t fucking quote me on your school project on the Dragonboat Festival but if you do, please ensure to keep all the swears in.

So FYN history lesson aside, I went down to get a hahm yuk jung (literally translates to a salty meat jung) which is the traditional form of the jung (I don’t want to waste my time with that weird sweet jung bullshit) – glutinous rice is wrapped around a fatty piece of soy cooked pork belly, a salty duck egg yolk and some beans, covered by two large bamboo leaves.  Check CNN’s guide on it for more photographic details.  Congee King’s jung was pretty fucking legit and didn’t scrimp on the fillings and the rice was imparted with some fuck yeah bamboo leaf flavour (smokey tea overtones).  I steamed one of them up for dinner (don’t waste your time with the microwave or boiling it in water – if you’re going to eat legit rice dumplings at least give it the dignity of a fuck yeah steaming) and threw all mother fucking caution to the wind about no fucking carbs at night to ensure a well fuelled, though resplendently plump night’s sleep.  I regret nothing.

Fuck yeah rice dumplings!

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