9 Shin Hing Street
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2568 8857

HKD1910 for two 5 course tasting menus + 2 cocktails (includes service charge)

The deal:
The recently opened Cocotte is pretty fucking cute – if I was a normal food blog I’d write some shit about its monochromatic wallpapers and the cozy, intimate feel, while diners sit outside on a quaint neighbourhood street in the barely-kissed Summer air, sipping on delectable aperitifs.  However this is FYN, so let me add more profanity – cute as fuck wallpapers, pretty fucking small so people are outside drinking wine but if you took someone here on a first date and you weren’t a total loser, you’d probably still impress and maybe even make like a Daft Punk song and get lucky.  Cocotte is led by Amber’s former Chef de Cuisine, Patrick Dang, so given my deep FYN love for Amber I was expecting big things even if it’s more of a casual French nom gig than the seriously fucking fancy (though much wow) Amber.  Ms Two Serves and I (predictably) went for the five course tasting menu and after being promised that second course was going to be a steak tartare the waiter then returned to say that they’d messed it up and it was actually a tuna nicoise.  The following exchange:

Ms Two Serves:  You mean, a tuna salad? So we have TWOOO salads?

Waiter: No, it’s a tuna nicoise!

Ms Two Serves:  But a tuna nicoise is a salad?

Sgt Noms:  Tuna Nicoise?  Isn’t the first course already a mixed salad?  Are you promising us back to back salads?

Waiter:  (Unconvincingly) No, it’s more of a deconstructed Tuna Nicoise…

Ms Two Serves:  Wahhhhhhh. Please let me see the menu again.

With visions of a sad piece of tuna on a smear of salad dressing with a lone green bean chilling on the side, we begged to change the Tuna Nicoise to anything else – asking for the langoustine or the steak tartare before they agreed to give us the scallop instead.  Ms Two Serves raises a good point, people only order the Tuna Nicoise because you want to sound a little bit fancy or trying to be healthy, when all you really want is the far tastier, Chicken Caesar.

Other than the potential for a 40% salad content for a five-course tasting menu the menu was thoughtful and presented well.  Everything was interesting and well balanced, going beyond what traditional French food is without relying on masses of foam (why is this even still a thing?) or just adding foie gras / truffles to everything.

I don’t know if I’d do the tasting menu again because I’m not convinced that it really represented five signature dishes for Cocotte which is what I think a tasting menu should be (I mean really, a fucking mixed salad for first course and is a Tuna Nicoise really a top #5 must have at a restaurant when it isn’t even on the normal menu??).  However, I enviously eyed off the mains arriving at the table next to us.

Service is clearly still working itself out.  When we first arrived, 10 minutes before our booking we found a number of harried waiters who were turning over tables and looking stressed out, saying they’d come to find me when they were done (they didn’t).  Our cocktails that we ordered pre meal got lost and didn’t arrive til at the end of our second course.  But this is the shit that happens and imagine they’ll sort it out.

One thing I’ve got to note is how fucking sad the bread was here.  Which is disappointing because I expect French joints to have serious fuck yeahhhh bread.  To be fair, the waiter asked how our meal was and we truthfully said it was great but the bread needed serious improvement.  Apparently we’re not the only one.  The waiter said ‘The chef really likes how sourdough rolls look…maybe you prefer sourdough bread?’ and we told him ‘No, we love all types of bread – but it was just soft and sad’.  Perhaps the chef needs to stop looking at the rolls and start snacking them down instead.  Waiter earnestly took our feedback on so I didn’t mention to him that I’d spent part of the meal using a torn apart bread roll as a form of puppet and making it say ‘I’m just so sad’.  

Despite the saddest bread rolls I’ve had for a while – fuck yeah!


Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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