Chum Chum Mi

Chum Chum Mi

Chum Chum Mi
GF – Shop 17-20 & 31-34
FHP Shopping Centre, 37-41 Mody Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

+852 2363 1100

Dinner will be HKD250-400 a head, depending on how much beef and soju you intend on drinking.

The deal:
First off, do you know what I give a massive FUCK NO?  How people who live in HK Island refer to anything over the harbour as ‘THE DARK SIDE’.  ‘OMG NO GUYS, DO YOU REALISE WHERE WE ARE? WE’RE ON THE DARK SIDE. I TRULY AM AN ADVENTURER FOR THE AGES!’  Big fucking deal, it’s 2 stops on the MTR from Central and you guys act like you’ve been running an ultramarathon for 2 weeks, just to end up in Somalia.  News flash motherfuckers – Kowloon side of HK isn’t that far away, it’s cheaper than the island and you sound like an ignorant fuck the way you’re carrying on.  You realise that half the people you work with probably live on the terrible, terrible dark side of which you speak of?

Anyway, back to the deal with Chum Chum Mi.  It’s got pretty much no online presence whatsoever, but it’s the good shit.  Korean in a modern setting, but food is pretty traditional.  So get your japchae (sweet potato noodles), bamchan (little plates of starters) and pancake.  Then get ready for the main event – basket of Korean Fried Chicken, half an half – original and sweet/spicy Korean sauce style.  This isn’t any Yardbird style hipster shit (ie.  a guy with massive glasses and an outlandish haircut serves you HKD200 worth of a tiny chicken bits), so when I say basket, I mean BASKET.   That didn’t stop my non-hipster friends though from smashing two baskets of the good shit while we declared ‘GET IN MY LIFE’.  Then we started ordering BBQ – my friend launched into ordering 2 of every beef dish ever.  Similar to how in The Simpsons the waiter implores Homer not to take the steam tray at the buffet, he let us know that really was too much and that she didn’t have to order everything now as they were open til 5am.  No ‘Oh sorry, our kitchen is closing in half an hour’  bullshit.  Note that you’ve got the option to also have them BBQ it for you in the kitchen so you don’t smell like BBQ, or they’ll help you at the table with a thoughtfully placed extractor fan.  Judging by the amount of food we ordered, they didn’t even bother bringing us rice.  Like we’ve got time for that empty calorie carby bullshit.

It should be noted, we ordered soju and they brought us some healthful pomegranate vinegar to mix with it.  If you go – make sure you get involved.  That shit was amazing.  Honest, health benefits were clearly felt through eating half a cow and half a bottle of soju.

Just to finish our night, my friend Ms Two Serves of everything produced a pecan pie that she’d made with no less than 4 different types of sugar (including one called Sweet Freedom) and 2 sticks of butter.  The Okinawans have a saying that you should eat til when you are 80% full.  I guess I misunderstood and went for 180% glory.  Fun fact – I stayed up til 2am digesting before I could comfortably fall asleep.  This body don’t build itself.


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    Pretty sure we still had two of everything and loved it. – Ms. Two Serves

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