26 Peel St
Central, Hong Kong

+852 2561 3336

The deal:
Chica is a fairly new entrant to the HK scene and it’s already a dining favourite in HK. Ask most expats in HK who like food and most of them will say “Chica? Oh, I LOOOOVE Chica”(ok, maybe only girls really talk like that). So Chica’s deal is that it does Peruvian food which means it can churn out tacos (which seem to be the hot thing in HK at the moment) and the food is pretty tasty. But my biggest problem with Chica is that it suffers a bit from ‘food for ants’ syndrome (ie. tiny portions) and the prices aren’t really proportionate to that. Call me conservative and stingy, but should 4 below average size tacos cost HKD200? It’s a group dining affair too, so by the time you add in drink costs (which you will be probably drinking more of as the ‘food for ants’ means that you aren’t that busy eating) the bill is pretty hefty by the end. Last time I went, it was about HKD700 a head for an average amount of food and some pretty mid-range wine. And don’t be fooled too heavily by the big proclamation on your bill that ‘NO SERVICE CHARGE, PLEASE TIP ACCORDINGLY’ because what they really meant to write was ‘5% SERVICE CHARGE INSTEAD OF THE NORMAL 10%. PLEASE TIP ACCORDINGLY’. Chica, check your maths before you wreck yourself – 0% doesn’t equal 5%. Maybe I’m just too old for this trendy hipster shit.

Fuck no. However, at about 20% cheaper, I’d put Chica back into ‘Fuck Yeah’ territory.

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