Chef Studio by Eddy

Chef Studio by Eddy

Chef Studio by Eddy
5B, Kwai Bo Industrial Building
Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

+852 3104 4664

Set meal is HKD880 + 10% service charge.  No corkage.  We got out for HKD1,000 each.

The deal:
Chef Studio by Eddy is a private kitchen, so you’re going to be in the middle of nowhere (ie. Wong Chuk Hang), guessing at whether you’re stopping the taxi in the right spot and going through industrial lifts.  The deal is a set 5 course meal, French/European and it’s BYOB (FUCK YEAH to no corkage).

I’ve deliberated over this verdict for weeks because while I enjoyed our night at Chef Studio by Eddy when it came down to laying down an answer to ‘Would you go back?’ as a Fuck Yeah or a Fuck No, I’ll be real – I’ve been on struggle street. So in FYN Pro / Con style:


  • Chef Eddy:  Clearly invested in his customers having a top night.  Genuine, friendly and he’ll introduce himself to everyone on the night and have a chat. Top bloke, 10/10, would buy again A+++.
  • Foccacia:  Our friends were running late, so we smashed 2 plates of foccacia while we waited.  Serious FUCK YEAH.  Then my greedy friend showed up and smashed another 2 on her own.  Ms Two Serves doesn’t get her name by accident.
  • Food:  5 courses were well balanced but with a set menu, not every dish is going to set every diner’s world on fire.  The bouillabaisse starter tasted like the ocean had suckerpunched you in the mouth – which I’m down with, but my other FYN homies weren’t feeling as much.  Asparagus was being passed between diners because some of them are FUCK NO ASPARAGUS.  Pumpkin risotto was a fuck yeahhhhh.  Chef Eddy had told us that he’d harvested the black truffle himself in France and then he put it into a piece of melted brie.  Don’t get me wrong, I FUCKING LOVE CHEEEESE but I’m not buying that it’s the best way to showcase your French foraged truffle by smushing it into a piece of melted average brie.
  • BYOB:  One of my biggest bugbears are private kitchens which charge you corkage – hey private kitchen homes, you don’t have a fucking alcohol licence so why are you charging me for bringing my own booze?  Chef Eddy’s real about it though and if you’re a boozehound like me, massive points for being real about no corkage.


  • Location:  While there’s probably some food wank points because you get to tell your friends you’re going to a PRIVATE KITCHEN in an INDUSTRIAL AREA however, LBR it’s pretty inconvenient to get to. I know taxis are cheap in HK but it still means you’re going to be on the deserted streets of Wong Chuk Hang trying to get a taxi back home at 11pm.
  • Price:  Most of the reviews I read online said that there’s no service charge, but Chef Eddy’s Facebook is upfront about it.  One diner commented that perhaps it’s disingenuous to say ‘No Corkage’ if it’s built into the price.  When I’m putting down HKD1000 a head, post service charge, it’s getting pretty fucking real in terms of bank.  So when I weigh up the price vs the food/experience, I don’t think I can say that it stacks up.

I’m so sorry Eddy (what have you done for me lately), on the FYN ‘Would I go again?’ test, it’s a fuck no.  If it was 20% cheaper, this would have slid into Fuck Yeah territory.  I think for HKD1000 a head (excluding booze), you can do better in HK.

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