208 Duecento Otto
208 Hollywood Road
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Phone number:
+852 2549 0208

The deal:
sub-HKD200ish for entrees/antipasto.  HKD250 – 300ish for mains.  Italian’s always a crapshoot – particularly in Central HK.  People tell you somewhere is good and then you just end up with some pasta that was ok, a pizza that was ok and you’re HKD500 poorer for the whole mediocre affair (but you did have the privilege of declaring to your fellow diners that you ‘totally could have made this at home’).  Anyway – 208’s food was on point.  Pizza wasn’t a doughy greasy mess.  I ate half a chicken – don’t worry, it was fancy as fuck – pine nuts, oregano, orange, all roasted up.  The downside?  Service was a bit spotty – had to resort to making thirsty / hungry faces at the waitstaff periodically to get their attention and had to beg for menus.

The verdict:
Overall – FUCK YEAH.  But hey, 208 if you ever read this, your service gets a FUCK NO.

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