Pitt Cue Co (awww, it’s just as informative as a HK website)
1 Newburgh Street, Soho
London, United Kingdom

??? – not on their website but no bookings anyway. They do declare that they’re “not trying to be cool” but they “just can’t think of a better and fairer system than first come, first served”.  They only have thirty seats so fair fuckin’ play, I guess.

We got out at £50ish for two mains (which each come with a side) and two cocktails.

The deal:
A friend saw that were having fuck yeah vacation times in the UK and said we should check out Pitt Cue Co. Being a bit overwhelmed with being on holiday, I was a bit noncommittal and said “Yeah ok, we’ll try” and he pinged back instantly “Don’t try, just do”.  With that resolute conviction, we rolled in on a Saturday night.  While we waited, we sucked back some FUCK YEAH cocktails while admiring their diverse bourbon collection and watching Barman Beardy bustin’ his chops as he continued to produce some serious shit hot lookin’ cocktails.  I have all the fucking feels for the Newport Sour – bourbon, lemon juice and port, a tart smokey affair because I’m just not into that sweet shit.

Straight down to business, we ordered the pulled pork with a side of bone marrow mash and the smoked ox cheek with a side of green chilli slaw.  Everyone knows that when you’re on holidays you should half-heartedly attempt to eat vegetables at least once every three days, even if it’s slathered in spicy, chilli fuck yeah mayonnaise. This BBQ noms was fucking amazing – while the pulled pork was tasty, all my base belongs to beef, with the smoked ox cheek being a triumphant fuck yeah. Slow smoked, all the connective tissue was as broken down as a tired ass party girl on a Sunday morning, with this majestic oxen motherfucker taking a rest on top of a slice of toasted bread, which soaked up any errant meat juice. Waste not, want not my sustainable Eco warriors.

A special fuck yeah shout out to the bone marrow mash which combines two of my favourite things – cause when the dog bites and the bee stings, I simply remember a few of these tasty as fuck things. After this fuck yeah side, I was definitely not feeling too fucking sad.

Service was efficient and friendly as fuck.  Loved witnessing the imminent meltdown of a staff member when “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac came on for what was presumably not the first time during his shift and he remarked “If I hear this fucking song one more time…” and one of his homies told him he had no soul (perhaps a reference to his magnificent red, though soulless hair or his inability to appreciate Christine McVie’s pleas to consider the future) and to effectively cool his goddamn jets.

The Pitt Cue Co BBQ homies have clearly thought everything out when it comes to their food and booze – it’s always the little things that give the game away.  Yo Pitt Cue Co, I totally fuckin’ noticed how finely you chopped your goddamn spring onions in my slaw and mash – attention to the motherfuckin’ details, you bad ass BBQing mofos.

Fuck yeah BBQ!

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