Blue Butcher

Blue Butcher

Blue Butcher (fuck yeah, functional website with menu.  fuck no to taking the prices off the menu)
108 Hollywood Road,
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

+852 2613-9286

Cocktails are HKD140 each.  Mains around HKD350 – 400.  Budget around HKD700-800 a person.

The deal:
Ms Two Serves and I went here last night and in typical Ms Two Serves style, she surveyed that we had three people at the table which meant that we needed three starters and a Black Angus 14oz steak and a serve of beef ribs which the waiter said was for 2-3 people.  Before adding extra side serves of creamed corn, truffle fries and artichokes.  The waiter tried to push the specials onto us, offering us 2 sliders for HKD140.  My internal dialogue was “FUCK NO TO TINY BURGERS THAT COST TOO FUCKING MUCH” but in real life I just went with “No thanks”.  We sucked down some Apple Pie Moonshine cocktails (they are pricey little fuckers at HKD140 but also tasty – they hit so many hipster points on this one, I almost need one now to take away the pain – jam jar, CHECK, paper bag around it, CHECK, cinnamon stick which they light on fire when they bring it over, CHECK).  While we waited we didn’t shock anyone that despite the massive bovine bonanza coming our way that we didn’t slow down on empty carbs and shoved pieces of bread with garlic butter into our heads.  Fuck yeah to restaurants with good bread – don’t give me some piece of bullshit white bread which isn’t even fucking warm.

Starters were a solid fuck yeah but the main event was always going to be the beef times.  A rare angus rib eye arrived, almost mooing, and a chorus of angels appeared on my shoulder singing a delicate and harmonious ‘FUCKKKK YEAHHHHHHH’.  Then a slab of ribs arrived, bigger than my head and we smashed that bad boy into our heads.  Sticky, sweet and spicy – our attentive and courteous waiter saw the carnage that was going down and thoughtfully changed out our messed up, destroyed plates and even left us a wet toilette each.  Going above and beyond, he even pre-tore the packets for us because he knew that with our sticky mitts there was no way we were getting into that easily.

Sides were not after thoughts either with the truffle fries being such a stereotype at this point but they were fucking great. There might be more to life, than stereotypes but if they taste that good I might just let it slide. Creamed corn was also on point.  Nothing too exciting on the dessert menu but as you might guess, not too many tears because all my base belongs to BEEF.

FUCK YEAH.  Probably on pay day.  But all I can think about today is why aren’t I there right the fuck nowwwwww?

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    Posted at 23:37h, 10 May Reply

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  • Liam
    Posted at 13:57h, 12 June Reply

    One really big Fuck NO for these idiots at Blue Butcher is the call they made after I booked online. “We will need your seven o’clock table back by nine.”
    WTF? At these prices you are doing two sittings a night? Fuck you and all who sail in you I say.
    Went somewhere else and nommed down seriously. I suspect the amount we spent on wine would have more than covered Blue Butchers unfriendly fuck off second sitting. Shit heads. Will never agree to a two hour sitting. I want the cheese course and a sticky wine so fuck off.

    • sgtnoms
      Posted at 22:59h, 12 June Reply

      Yo Liam – that’s fucking bullshit because you’re bang on, when you charge that much fucking coin let your patrons sit down, smash a huge steak, digest slowly and reminisce over said steak with dining companions and then go for cheese + sticky afterwards. FUCK NO to such greedy cunt douchebaggery practices. It’s a fucking shame because I’ve been to Blue Butcher twice now and both times the food was a serious fuck yeah. I’m trying Zahrabel (Lebanese food) soon which makes it a point that they only have ONE SITTING a night.

      Loved the style of your comment btw – very FYN styleeee. Where did you get your FYN nom on instead?

Fuck yeah or fuck no?

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