Berliner (Wan Chai branch)

Berliner (Wan Chai branch)

Berliner (but of course, HK style – this website doesn’t actually have a menu.  Try the Cafe Deco group website for that – seriously HK webmasters, how fucking hard is it to put a menu on your website???)
4/F, W Square,
314-324 Hennessy Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

+852 2891 8689

The deal:
Mains around HKD150 – 180 (excluding 10% service charge)  Pork wank, I get it – pork can be pretty fucking awesome  It can also be pretty fucking basic (see also:  The Salted Pig).  Stumbling out here for a Good Friday lunch nom (perhaps not the most appropriate venue, a German eatery filled with red meat – although we did recall that pork advertisement in Australia that called it ‘the other white meat’) and we skipped passed a fairly average salad bar / lunch set combo (admittedly though, very cheap) and went straight to A La Carte.  Husband got the Sausage Platter (with a side of the requisite ‘Who ordered the sausage party?’ jokes), I got the pork knuckle and my friends got the schnitzels (Melbourne people – so requisite comments about parma).  Let’s not push this out to be too much longer than it has to be, I pretty much ate a pork leg and it was covered with bad ass crackling.  Everyone else was happy with their meals.  Please note, not for a delicate eater, I didn’t have dinner on Friday (unless you count the three mojitos I had at Lotus).  Who says that I don’t have any restraint?

Fuck yeahhhhhh!

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