129-133 Third St
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

+852 2548 9880

HKD240 for two people – but we didn’t order any market price seafood.

The deal:
I mentioned previously that I’m always wary of skewer / robata places because it’s generally code for average food on sticks for too much cash.  But BBQ in Sai Ying Pun was moderately priced enough – I was also fooled because my friend insisted that the HKD16 price was for a serve of three sticks (vs the one stick that it actually was).  Luckily, despite getting one stick per order, it was ok to split it between two people so we could have a taste of everything.  BBQ have this split restaurant scenario with two restaurants on opposite side of the road, so we got funnelled into the other restaurant across the road.  We got to watch the cooks do their thing and it was pretty incredible.  However, it’s pretty clear that BBQ is struggling from some capacity issues because it took us almost two hours to get all of our food.  I think I’ve worked through that ludicrous wait given the glorious fried squid that we had.  Not so massive win on the sea snails.  My friend was hung over, so I’m guessing grilled meat skewers and deep fried squid was probably rocking her world even harder than it was rocking mine.  I didn’t try it, but I watched two tiny Asian girls smash a mountain of noodles that I want in my life.  Asian girls, how you not twice your size?! I also watched the cook punch out some mean looking seafood that I want to go back and try – razor clams, oysters baked with cheese, big ass king prawns with butter and bechamel sauce.  Bring good company, your Asian metabolism and be prepared to wait.

The verdict:
Fuck yeah!  But only if you’re with a friend who you want to have a long chat with.

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