Ba Sushi

Ba Sushi

Ba Sushi
Shop 1-3, 14 Burrows St.
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

+852 2893-2282
However, Don’t really bother with making a booking – we tried and they took it but couldn’t guarantee that they’d be a table at that time (which doesn’t really sound like a booking at all).

The deal:
This is a small sushi and sashimi place in Wan Chai which is completely unassuming and very average looking. However, it’s some of the best value and freshest sushi / sashimi I’ve had in Hong Kong. Not to say that I make a habit of trying that much cheap sashimi in HK. HKD70 for a very generous serve of salmon sashimi – no three tiny slices here. The hand rolls are also excellent – except for maybe the crispy salmon skin one which didn’t set my world on fire. Get your fill of the non-fish sashimi types (Scallops, prawns, conch, squid, sea urchin) but don’t forget their sushi too (absolutely cannot miss the spicy tuna and the deep fried zucchini rolls). Take your friends here if you want to be one of those food wankers who knows a “hidden gem”. Yeah of course you fucking know a place. Eat your fill at around HKD170 each.

Fuck yeahhhhhhhhh.

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